Pre-Flash Saturday Late Night Watch Along

This is for the late night watch along peeps that want to keep up with the habit before we start Flash '90. And for anyone else who might be up Saturday 12:30AM EST/9:30PM PST.

Vote and discuss what to watch here and then the fresh thread in the community event section when we event as a community.

Starting Poll:

  • Aquaman pilot
  • Wonder Woman '77
  • Teen Titans animated series
  • Your suggestion(s) here!

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See, now you’re making me jealous with Wonder Woman :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Accidentally clicked on the vote. They should have you OK the vote before they count it. Sorry :frowning:

I’m going to leave it unless it pleases me otherwise. Plus, suggestions welcome while we’re “off-season”

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FYI, all Late Night watchers, we got a mention on today’s DC Daily. @AlexanderKnox and @Awesome_Squid especially want to check it out (no spoilers). I just wish they were timed better with the LNWA…


I am behind on my DC Daily

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Really? Cool, I’ll check it out

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I watch it every episode. I’m addicted and I like it…

I avoided the ones when they were talking about Doom Patrol, assuming i would be able to go back. when i finally decided to watch doom patrol, there were episodes missing. So by watching Doom Patrol without the DC Daily commentary may have made it all the more better because I watched at my own pace, but we fall off topic.

I will leave my vote as “the decider”. There are a few more regulars that should add their $0.02. I am not sure if it’s bad form to call them out. As much as i want to see the Aquaman pilot, i will certainly watch Wonder Woman. plus there is always next week.

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If I don’t have to stay, I will definitely join you for the next one. Everybody hope I don’t have to stay at work all night!!!

You still could have made a suggestion for this week.

And we have a tie that must be broken. The responsibility is whelming. Or should I give it to you, our absentee fearless leader, so that you’re with us in spirit. While that would take it out of my hands, all choices are things I want to watch, so whether i relinquish the decision or make it, I’m very all good.

Next week is also open season, so if there is something in particular, either private message me or public post to get it in the running. I will make this week’s cut off friday 6ish PM EST, for the last minute burning desires to vote or suggest (which might get tabled to next week; let’s be real, it’s Thursday already).

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I’m leaving this in your hands. I don’t want to influence it when I won’t be here.

Unless there are some more votes, I know which way I want to go. and to be sure i get to sleep on it since i work nights and i’m done with Thursday’s “work day”.

I appreciate the trust, @MovieAddict. also, I think i might have been the only one to step up; so long as i make better Late Night’s rep…

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While it is a few hours before the official close, my vote is cast and that is for Aquaman. I closed the poll, but the burning desire(s) can still be made known.