Anyone else dreaming this show would get a revival on DC Universe, or at least made available for streaming? I know it had its issues and the first few episodes were meh at best, but after those it seemed to be finding its footing and I really enjoyed it. I think if I hadn’t been canceled so quickly and given a second season it really could have taken off. I also wish I could see the original pilot.


I also enjoyed the show. The last episode they aired was the best one, when they were stuck in in a building full of gas. That was hilarious.

I heard there’s still a couple of episodes at the end of the season that they never actually released, because it was canceled before the season ended. They did release an extra episode with Adam West on YouTube after Adam West died, but there’s still a couple more unseen episodes, along with the original pilot that we never saw.

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The two episodes never aired are avalable on iTunes, and presumably other places. But yeah, I want to see the original pilot.

I feel like as show like Powerless would thrive on DC Universe. Even if they don’t make more, put up all the episodes that originally aired plus the finished unreleased ones.