Powerless Hawk and Dove....why?

I was very Disappointed that they didn’t have their Powers…is almost like Dc wants to keep losing their fans…Stick with the source material Damn It!



I think we should give them more than one episode and see where they take them. Personally, I really enjoyed this version of the characters so far. Who knows, maybe they’ll get their powers somehow during the season.


A lot of DC Fans are Batman fans for a reason. They like their heroes without super powers, because they have a chance to be like them.

I have a theory that Hawk and Dove will have some type of superhuman abilities later on in the season. The showrunners already stated Dove isn’t dead and has a role to play in the season. Alan Ritchson who plays Hawk says that Dawn is most important to him and will do anything to get her back. What if Hank uses the serum that the Nuclear Family has (I think that’s what they’re called) and gives it to himself and Dawn so she can heal faster and they both gain some type of enhanced strength?

I actually find them more interesting without super powers, but I understand the complaint.

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The episode that featured Hawk and Dove was written very well and maybe DC should consider a feature film about the two characters.

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Wut, they have powers?

I know I am a likely minority, but I love Hawk & Dove in the comics. Their title run decades ago was fantastic, the play of Order and Chaos was well done. This powerless version is a shell and very disappointing.

They need to have their powers

Maybe they’ll show their powers in season 2, maybe Cyborg will join thr Titans, maybe Garth will turn into something other than a tiger…

Either way, fantastic show!


Didn’t really enjoy Titans all that much but the episodes with Hawk n Dove were my favorite :grin:

I enjoyed Titans, and think season 2 will only get better. But I agree the Hawk and Dove focus episodes were both real good. Not sure if they were testing the waters for a spin-off but I would watch it. Although after Titans and Doom Patrol doing so good, and while I haven’t seen Young Justice I have yet to hear one bad thing about it, so going to say it was good. So given they are now 3/3 and Swamp Things looks to continue the trend, I think at this point any Titans Spin-Off would be good. DCU originals are becoming my go to for quality.

I only want the dove energy

Keep losing their fans? It’s a tv show with its own stories and not mean as the definitive version. If a fan doesn’t like it then read or watch something with those characters that they so enjoy.

If they stop being dc fans over it then they weren’t true fans to begin with and are jis t being fickle


Besides the look, H & D have been somewhat disappointing to me. Besides the powers part, they have been nothing like the characters on page. Hank has been close. But both Doves have been way off. Dove is a character who is the soothing force of the team. They try to avoid violence. In the show, at times they border on psychotic! Don is more the the one chasing the violence than Hank in the first pairing. And then Dawn goes to kill Hank’s coach.
Also, Dawn and Hank aren’t lovers. They are partners. They have a brother/sister type relationship. The only time there was a “romance”, was when the lords of chaos and order that were a part of them were attracted to each other. But that didn’t last.

I’m hoping they do go through a change in the next season. But we shall see.

Gibby, don’t expect Cyborg as a Titan. He is firmly a part of the Doom Patrol. And I think, I could be wrong, that Gar may not realize he can change into anything but a tiger.

Sushi-volcano, they are the avatars of the Lords of Chaos(Hawk) and the Lords Of Order Dove). Super strength, healing ability, Dove can fly. They change very similar to Shazam. When needed, they say their names and they change. Between the two, Dawn’s appearance changes more. She naturally has shorter blonde hair. But when she changes to Dove, she has the long white hair.

Sushi-volcano, this is a better explanation of their powers:


Dove possesses an ability known as danger sense transformation. When in the presence of danger, whether to herself or others, Dawn Granger can call out the word “Dove” and transform into Dove. She does not need to be aware of danger, meaning she transforms if she says the word while unknowingly being in danger. However, the transformation requires actual danger, so if Dawn says “Dove” without danger being present, she would not transform.

The transformation wears off a short time after any danger has passed, unless Dove is seriously injured. She will remain as Dove until the injuries are sufficiently healed. Hank once searched the warehouse district to find a criminal hideout, having to say “Hawk” before entering each warehouse. On high magic worlds, Dawn can remain as Dove for extended periods regardless of whether danger is present.

The transformation changes Granger into a minor force of Order and she gains avian characteristics, which are hidden under her costume. If the costume receives sufficient damage, it can reveal part of her true form, which shines with the golden glowing light of Order. Within realms of higher magic, Dove can easily remove the costume and show her true form.

Dove is also hypervigilant; her natural aptitudes are enhanced, such as her ability to judge people which allows her to “read” people and objects, and know how they will behave. In addition to flight, she also has enhanced agility, can withstand physical punishment, heal quickly and her perceptions are heightened to their fullest extent.

Due to her connection with Terataya, on high magic worlds her powers are enhanced. She can concentrate her radiance into a blinding beam of light. She also possesses the White Light of Creation. It is unknown whether this power is an extension of her radiance ability, but during the Blackest Night crisis, Dove was able to channel this particular force and destroy Black Lanterns along with blocking a Black Lantern’s aura-reading power. How and why Dawn was chosen for this power, or whether it has anything to do with her link to Terataya, remains unknown.

As seen in the pages of Blackest Night, Don Hall is impervious to black power rings. In an interview with IGN, Geoff Johns provides an explanation behind Dove’s immunity to the black power rings: “You’ll learn more about this as we go forward. But really it speaks to the nature of Don Hall. He can’t be desecrated by the likes of these things. He’s untouchable in death and at total peace more than any other being in the universe.” Reflecting on the limitations of the rings, Johns goes on to state that, even though magic is a “joke” to the black power rings, Don is quite the opposite.[33]


Hawk possesses a “danger sense transformation” which allows him to change into a super-human with the powers of super strength, unlimited stamina, enhanced speed, enhanced agility, enhanced durability, enhanced body density and healing factor.

His partner Dove suppresses his violent nature, and without her presence Hawk’s rage becomes boundless.

While he was a member of the Black Lantern Corps, Hawk wielded a black power ring which allowed him to generate black energy constructs. He was also able to perceive emotional auras.

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As Geoff Johns used to say on the ComicBloc forum: Wait and see.

It is entirely within the realm of possibility this is a starting point and the Duo become “powered” later on. We should also Keep in mid that Titans “Launched” the Service as far as new content goes. It may well be that their initial budget required a more “realistic” approach to things. each season may free up more production $$ and that can only allow the screen to get closer to the printed page.

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