Potential Green Arrow Movie Casting

If you could cast anyone as Oliver (Green Arrow) Queen, who would you want as the Emerald Archer and why?

I think Steve Talley would be awesome as GA, not only because he looks the part, but also since I watched the 100, he seems to match the personality. From the quick jokes in stressful situations, liberal aspects (due to being on a liberal show as well as seeming liberal as the character Wick), and the unfortunate always second-rate nature of his character, I think he would play an awesome Green Arrow.

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I always wanted Charlie hunnam


100% Ryan Gosling.


Damn i always thought Charlie Hunnam too, but Ryan Gosling is genious. Never thought of it. Good job dude!

Liam Hemsworth he seems good.

Both Charlie Hunnam and Chris Hemsworth have played someone regal, so I don’t think that they would be able to fully portray Green Arrow properly, but I could be wrong.

Two benefits for Charlie Hunnam though is that he is familiar with Warner Brothers movies and how to shoot arrows both because of King Arthur:Legend of the Sword.

Ryan Gosling may be good, but he seems to be known for his roles in romantic films which would be a little bit of a concern if he became GA.

@csgoerke.17161 Sorry for mentioning Chris Hemsworth, you had Liam Hemsworth. Obviously, I see Hemsworth and automatically assume it’s Chris.

Anyways, I am not too familiar with Liam’s roles, so I am not sure what he could do for an adaptation.

Check out Charlie in Sons of Anarchy and Green Street Hooligans.

Kit harrington

Liam McIntyre