Potential DC Universe Exclusive Comics

Is DC Universe going to publish exclusive comics? It seemed that way in the latest DC Daily, but I am wondering if anyone else noticed.

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Looks like they will according to news from NYCC :slight_smile:

that would be a good idea to do it

When I first made this post, I made a mistake because I saw comics with a DC Universe title on it similar to the Giant 100 page stories, but it also makes sense for DC Universe to release exclusive comics especially if there will be exclusive shows.

This was in one of the articles linked to the last email they sent:

2019’s Young Justice: Outsiders animated series is getting its own prequel comic book next year, created exclusively for DC Universe by the show’s producer Greg Weisman and artist Christopher Jones.

I thought it meant we are getting exclusive comics soon but I’m not 100% sure because of the way it is worded.

Based on your post, there will be an exclusive comic series on Young Titans for DC Universe released next year. Unless more news is mentioned, that may be the earliest exclusive comic.

Young justice

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Thank you and sorry about that. When I saw that I wrote young titans, I started laughing, but I did mean young justice.