Post-Zero Hour Legion suggestions needed

I started on the post-ZH Legion and Legionnaires titles and have been struggling to get through them. I want to read the Abnett and Lanning issues, but I’m wondering:
A) Does the quality of these first issues get better? Is there a better place to jump forward into?
B) Where exactly does the Abnett and Lanning run start?

@BobcatZoidberg ,

Abnett and Lanning started their Legionnaires run just as it was about to be cancelled (a pattern you’ll see to their writing credits at times, which is why I’m a little surprised Justice League Odyssey keeps chuggling along). To answer your questions, the quality gets a little better, but for many, the whole Legionnaires / Legion version from early 1992 through 2004 (younger, shorter, shorter code names etc) is not the best version of the Legion between 1958 to 2013…when they fell off the publication map for over 6 years.

Here’s the order of the Post Zero Hour Abnett and Lanning issues Legion issues, and what comes just after:

starts with Legionnaires 78 through 81 (at which point that series halts)

They then wrote Legion Lost (2000-), issues 1 through 12

That’s followed by Legion Worlds (2001-) #1-6

And then finally The Legion (2001-) issues 1-38, with Abnett/Lanning ending their writing with issue 33:

during The Legion there is also the Legion Secret Files 3003, also by Abnett and Lanning:

After the last issue of The Legion, Infinite Crisis # 6 is the next Legion appearance: (not by Abnett / Lanning)

which then leads to a Legion Fan favorite series, Final Crisis - Legion of 3 Worlds 1 through 5 (also not by Abnett/Lanning)

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I disagree with you, I think Legionnaires/LOSH was a great run post ZH. The continuity was tight and the long term storytelling was great. Having two books to tell a story in a month helped.

I liked the post-Zero Hour Legion books a lot, but the DnA run was really, really good.

To clarify, I’m not saying it’s not a bad run, I’m just saying that there’s other sections of Legion history that are considered to be a little better, between 1959 and 2013.

Many think the Levitz / Giffin run of the early 1980s was the best. But for sure we all have our favorites.

The thing that most people liked about the Zero Hour reboot of the Legion was that it was a clean slate. Previously the Legions books were very dense on Legion history meaning you needed 40 years of legion history to understand it; and pretty dark and depressing (it was the 80s/90s after all).
With the Zero Hour reboot the Legion got to be reader friendly, light hearted and fun. At least for a while.