Post Your Favorite DC Couples Page From the Comic Book’s (Possible Spoilers)

Post a page (or pages) that you feel express the best moment of your favorite DC couple. I am going to ad the caveat of 1 page per issue of a book unless it’s from a special that has multiple stories like DC Love is a Battlefield or batman vol 3 # 50 or if the issue has more than one of your favorite DC couples Like Batman vol 3 # 37. Also as this may contain spoilers please blur out anything from the last 6th months

To start with form the pages of Detective Comics #648

Like A Brick To The Face.

From the pages of Batman: The long Halloween special:

From the pages of Nightwing Vol. 4 issue # 85

Form the pages of Batman vol 3 issue 74:

Kitty Ex-Machina

From the pages of The Brave and The Bold 197:

Batcat Forever

From the pages of DC Super-Stars # 17

Batcat: Twenty Years of Bliss


Indeed. That is a Spoiler.


Red hood and the outlaws #42


Here are a few more i forgot to upload

From the pages of the long holoween special:

A Holiday for Two

From the pages of Batman, vol 3 issue 37

Wait Who is Who?

There are better moments in the issue but from the pages of Harley Quinn Eat, bang, Kill Tour issue 3 but this is my favorite:

I Want to go Home and Rethink My Life.

Yes it is. I love this is their first meeting.


Diana and Steve Trevor. (Hard for me to narrow this down to as few pages as I did. :sweat_smile:)

From Bombshells Vol 1:

From Wonder Woman Rebirth Vol 1:

From WW Agent of Peace Issue #5:

From WW Black and Gold Issue #3:

:cupid: :00_wonder_woman_gold:



Nice NightOracle moments. The only one I recognize (and know what issue it is from) is Nightwing and Oracle: convergence issue 2…may not be the actual name of the issue. What issue is the last page from?


Thanks! I tried to grab pages that had talking, even when some of the splashes are more memorable. I probably went a bit overboard, and I had to force myself to stop pulling some more…

The last one is from Stephanie’s Batgirl run, first collected half. It’s actually a dream scape type thing, but I liked how it reflected the page above from Batgirl 25.

In order, the others are from Convergence Nightwing/Oracle 2, Birds of Prey 8, Nightwing 153, and Nightwing vol 7 Shrike.


Thanks, I will read them. I have always shipped NightOracle as I grew up watching B: TAS and never understood why they did not go with that Batman Beyond. Although my biggest ship is Batcat.


You posted TimSteph and BatCat, so my faves are out there! Here’s my favorite images of those two, plus a Lois and Clark, who are probably tied with those two couples for Best Romance of DC for me!

From Young Justice #5, Bendis and Anka

From Batman #50, King and Weeks

From Convergence: Superman #1, Jurgens and Weeks


I really love Diana and Steve, though I first imprinted on Diana when she was single, so it doesn’t feel as intrinsic to her character as Lois and Clark, or Batman and Catwoman. But when written well, as you highlight here, it’s gorgeous.


I did post a Clark/Lois page it was Wait Who is Who from double date :grin: where batman and superman trade costumes and so do Lois and Selina. It’s also the start of my favorite female friendship in the Rebirth era (and possibly the start of it) Lois & Selina, you just know these two get up to no good/good investigative reporting together.


I love that you used the word “imprinted” - that’s the perfect description for when we first feel an attachment to a character. :blush:

In my case, my first experience with Diana was with the movies, so I think that’s why I’m so attached to Steve. Of course he is not necessary for her to be Wonder Woman - she is my favorite character regardless of her relationship status. And I’d much rather she be single than in an unhealthy relationship.

As you pointed out, the way they are written is so important. Steve should be the embodiment of the best in the human race that Diana has come to protect. When written well, they have a relationship of equals. Everyone deserves a shot at a healthy relationship like that - and Diana is so good, I will always want that for her. (That Black and Gold comic is the ultimate summation of this IMO.)


Well said! I really love Steve and their relationship when written well!


I love Batman #68, where you see more Lois and Selina :slight_smile:


I’m hoping we eventually see something develop from this……

Now that Trix, er… Terri Collins is back in the mix!


ahhh the bachelorette halogenation :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: thats one of my favorite’s.


A great one! Connor’s depiction of the two was fantastic, and King wrote some really great interactions!


Demon brats first kiss.
(I love Ra’s expression and Talia’s reaction)

Major spoiler from Robin volume 3 issue 11


Was pretty cute! I enjoyed it.