Post Rebirth Comics

When will all the post Rebirth Comic Volumes be released on here? I’m dying to read them

I think it’s safe to say those comics will never be apart of this subscription… although there’s hope that by the end of the month we can buy them at a discount

Most of the first volumes of them are on sale for $5 right now on comixology.

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Oh nice, they had that same sale a while back and I snagged like 6 rebirth volume ones. The one I’m most motivated to go forward for volume 2 actually is a shock to me.,… Redhood and the Outlaws is absolute fire. I never read the new 52 version but I read reviews it wasn’t that good. That’s with Roy Harper and Starfire. But the Rebirth is with an angry Amazon named Artemis, and Bizarro from Superman. The Dark Trinity!! The characters go better together for me than the normal Trinity. I would had never guessed it was gonna be my favorite rebirth story