Post Metal - Where are we now?

I was tracking along great with Rebirth. However, when Metal happened and continuity spread over multiple titles… It was hard for me to keep track.

Also, not to open a can of worms here, but I was also a little discouraged from how JL did at the movies.

So, I say all this to say… I have fallen behind. I was tracking along with JL, Aquaman, Superman, and Green Arrow…

Can someone give me a “story so far…” since Metal to help me jump back in? I have tried to get back into JL, but there is a lot of back story I just dont understand.

This new story arch from Aquaman looks promising. Are there other stories to jump into?

You guys rock!



This will be controversial, but in Metal, Batman does some extremely stupid things and the DC Universe is under several threats and will die in about a year.

By that time, Doomsday Clock will reboot everything.

Metal affects Justice League mostly. The characters are great, often every major DC Heroes play a part if there is a world wide disaster, cross overs are limited and understandable.

I don’t understand every page of Justice League, but the characters are great.

It will read better as a graphical novel, when all mysteries have been unfolded.

It is one of my quicker reads. I get through it without worrying whether I understand everything. It is part of a long game.

Other than that, metal affects only stuff like Batman who laughs.

Batman has been more affected by the failure to Wed Catwoman, who now has an excellent series.

Ignore Metal

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Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Detective Comics, Hawkman, Shazam, Justice League Dark, Batgirl, Supergirl have all gotten a fresh approach and New energy.

Nightwing, Titans, Red Hood and Justice League Odyssey have New concepts and have not yet jelled with me yet.

I am not a fan of Bendis Superman. He took the concept of Clark, Lois and Jon as a family off the table to introduce the old costume and impose a new villain who supposedly destroyed Krypton. When he concentrates on Metropolis, he is good.

King Batman is uneven. Some great issues, followed by ‘why did he write that’, which are often negated. Don’t worry KGBeast is okay.


Great insight…

I felt the same about reading JL. I was wondering what I was missing. I will power through then.

I am excited about Shazam. I am glad Johns is back to writing. Its where he needs to be.

I am also glad to hear I am not the only one who is not a big fan of the trunks back on Superman and Batman? Am I correct that they brought the trunks back for him? Blah…



The excuse was that Lois and Jon was going to travel in space with Jor-el, and lois needed something to protect herself with, so he gave her his current suit, which was shrinkable.

Then he had to use his old suit.

Now Lois is back, without telling Clark and Jon is now a teenager,

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Similarly Batman can’t use his new suit because it reminds him of Catwoman, so he went back to his old one.

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Well, at least there is hope that theyll go back to non-undies suits!

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Trunks or no trunks the problem with the current Superman books is Bendis. He has come along (bull in a china shop style) and ruined a good part of the mythos. Let him concentrate on the younger heroes. His Young Justice intro showed promise. But please take him off of DC’s “first family”. That said, do yourself a favor and jump onto the Hawkman book. It is an excellent comic with solid stories and beautiful art. And Peter Tomasi is back writing Batman (much better than King’s mess) in Detective Comics. The first installment was stellar.


Thanks baseballmaniac01.45870 for the reminder about Hawkman. I need to jump back in.

I also think youre right about Bendis. Stick to the younger heroes. I will for sure jump into Young Justice!

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