What are your final thoughts on how it all ended?

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Not gonna lie, these last few episodes of the crossover felt kinda cringy. I think that last episode spent way too much time just mourning Oliver. I mean, I’ve been an Arrow fan since the beginning, but that speech from the President was really unnecessary. Having her get on that soapbox took away a lot of value from that final scene where the heroes gave their final farewells to Ollie. Speaking of, this weird, CW version of the Justice League is probably one of the strangest iterations of the League, and I really hope I never see it again.

What I can say that I did like though, was that cameo with Routh’s Superman. I feel like that moment was well-deserved, and gave that version of Supes a very nice note to end on. Make no mistake though: I would love it if Routh portrayed Superman more in the future, though that seems unlikely.

And of course, I can’t knock all the other little Easter eggs that were peppered throughout the crossover. Hearing that little bit of the Super Friends theme and teasing the appearance of Gleek was very fun and wholesome.

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