Post-Crisis Continuity Project

I am on a mission to understand Modern Era DC Continuity. To do this, I am going to read every comic from 1985 to current in the order they were released. It’s ambitious, I know.
Update July 2020: I have set this discussion as a wiki and with proper clearance you are welcome to contribute!


Jan 1985

Amethyst #1
Blue Devil #8
DC comics presents #77


Good luck!


I would read in volumes though. More enjoyable experience that way.


I’d definitely go by story arc.

Amethyst isn’t particularly special. It’s a fine simple fantasy story, but it never quite elevated itself to me.

I’m not really a fan of DC Comics Presents. I didn’t feel like this era of Superman had much of an identity. Generic perfect superhero man. Yawn.

I do really like Blue Devil. Goofy comedic adventures that do a good job of nailing both the goofy and the action. I’d love to see a revival of that series actually.


Amethyst #1
Earth One
Notable Events and Continuity Questions Marked with **

Early on reference is made to events in Amethyst Vol 1 (1983) so the events in the previous series are part of continuity. Amethyst is older and makes mention that she has been away from Gemworld for a bit. Emerald is stuck on Earth at the present moment.
On Gemworld Prince Topaz is heading to the Island of Aquamarine to find Amethyst.
It’s explained that magic doesn’t work on Earth well because the sorcery that used to exist on Earth was taken by the generation of ancestors that originally fled Earth and inhabited Gemworld. It is noted that elemental based magic works ok on Earth.

Are there any other explanations for DCU that magic doesn’t work well on Earth? Is the phenomenon of magic being relatively difficult to use referenced elsewhere?

Even though Dark Opal was defeated in the last series it appears an uncannily familiar individual is moving in next door to the Winston’s on Earth named Mr. Orville. Also a boy named Carl moves in and he has a claw hand like Carnelian!

Meanwhile in Gemworld, the power vacuum created by Dark Opal’s defeat has left the nobility in a power struggle. Prince Topaz has been possessed by Fire Jade and Citriana is at death’s door.

Citriana’s spirit calls for Amethyst and while Amy is sleeping a ghost of Amethyst leaves her body to heed Citriana’s call. This out of body transfer to Gemworld, though leaves Amy in a precarious state that resembles a coma

I believe in you (:


Ambitious, good luck. Will be cool if you pull it off.


Blue Devil #8 :smiling_imp:
Earth One

Some preliminary notes-
To start it’s worth noting that Blue Devil #5 has a small section that is part of the Crisis on Infinite Earths. The Monitor is overlooking Earth where Blue Devil is along with Lyla.
So, it can be assumed that the continuity that exists in Blue Devil #8 is one and the same as that of the Crisis on Infinite Earths.Also events of Blue Devil #5 and #6 are referenced in Blue Devil #8 including the fight with Nebiros.

Events that occur in Blue Devil #8-
Blue Devil, Sharon and the Trickster stop at a diner to get a bite to eat. During the meal someone grabs Blue Devil’s trident and gets shocked which is not supposed to happen, the Trident is malfunctioning. Trickster gets a message in his hamburger demanding he give back what he took. This spooks him and he runs off and escapes from the situation.
Someone is after the Trickster!

The Trickster decide s he needs money to get out of the situation he’s in. So, he hijacks a helicopter that is carrying a mobile bank. (Asking for a friend: were mobile banks ever really a thing?)

It looks like “Central” is guiding the villianous Bolt to find the Trickster.

The Trickster’s attempt to rob the bank is averted and Sharon, Blue Devil and the Trickster continue on their journey.

DC comics presents #77
Earth One

The Forgotten Heroes (FH) are at a banquet of some sort. Members of FH include Cave Carson, Dolphin, Immortal Man, Animal Man, Rick Flagg, Congo Bill, Rip Hunter.
Meanwhile, Mr. Poseidon goes to the Fortress of Science and reactivates the giant robot Ultivac.
Events in Showcase #7 and Sea Devil’s #2 are referenced.
Mr. Poseidon meets up with Enchantress who is clearly villainous.
Events from World’s Finest #101 are referenced.
In Metropolis Superman has encountered Atom Master participating in the Copper Age’s most common crime- bank robbery!
Events from Rip Hunter #28 are referenced.
Kraklow has shown up in “modern” times to join Enchantress in her villianous ways. They are planning to have a triad of sorcerer’s to take over the world (and then what?)

Mr Poseidon is working to get the Atom Master for Enchantress.
He leads Atom Master to Enchantress but also leads Superman to the Sorcerer’s Lair.
A battle ensues and eventually Superman is stunned and the villains make their escape.
Superman finds the FH and tells them about his fight. Rip identifies Krakow as his nemesis from the 18th century.Animal Man identifies Enchantress who last he knew was a hero. Rip suggests they go find Krakow by taking his time bubble. Superman, ever so humble, reluctantly agrees to traveling in the time bubble even though he can fly through time.
Superman Family #204 is referenced.

Krakow turns Superman into a dragon. The remaining heroes go to fight Krakow. SuperDragon is by the side of Krakow for battle.
Krakow summons The Faceless Creature of Saturn . Strange Adventures #124 is referenced.

Good luck. That’s LOTS of different DC comic series.

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Another book club I hope to start up maybe this fall is a Chronological walk through the years with DC starting with the first Silver Age appearance of the Flash; what you are attempting to do here is a similar concept…except there are far far fewer issues digitized between 1956 and 1969, for the Silver Age anyway. I won’t any of the Legion Silver Age that we are already covering in the Legion Club.


Infinity Inc Vol 1 #10. What a slog. This is the end of a story arc. This story takes place on Earth 2. Essentially the premise of this super team is they are decedent’s or sort of descendants of the Justice Society. The “kids” try to get into Justice Society but are not accepted. Then there is a twist of fate and almost the entire JSA is drowned in a river that makes them evil. All of this is the Ultra-Huminites fault but it’s a bore. There are some critical aspects of continuity that are worth mentioning. Wonder woman is married to Steve Trevor and they have a daughter Lyta or code name Fury. The Flash is Jay Garrick. Superman is old. Batman and Catwoman are dead and huntress is their child. Dick Grayson is Robin. Jade and Obsidian are brother and sister. By the end the JSA is back to normal.

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Update Immortal Doctor Fate will have to wait. It appears it’s not on the service just yet. Also, Infinity Inc. Annual #1 was not released in Jan 1985. So onto the next batch

New Teen Titans Vol 2 4
America vs. the Justice Society Vol 1 1

The New Teen Titans Vol. 2 #4
Earth 2

The Teen Titans lineup includes Nightwing (Dick Grayson), wonder girl, changeling, starfire, cyborg, Wally west.
Raven has been possessed by her father Trigon and the teen Titans are in the depths of hell being possessed. Ravens mother, arella is in disbelief. Batman is dead at this point in time. Jason Todd has taken over the mantle of Robin. Nightwing and Starfire are a couple. Raven/Trigon are having each Titan face their dark sinister self that lies and deceives.Raven/Trigon reveals that their objective is to make the Titans lose their souls which naturally would make them Trigons slaves. Turns out though Lillian kills Raven and the Titans are safe. Phew. Good fun but doesn’t make a ton of sense. Well now Trigon is mad and going to give the Teen Titans hell (I guess he wasn’t before?)

Note about continuity so far…
Blue Devil is taking place in the DCU at the same time as Crisis on Infinite Earth’s.

The New Teen Titans is taking place in the DCU after Infinity Inc.

America vs. Justice society #1
Earth 2

Batman is dead but speaking from beyond the grave when someone finds his diary!(who knew Batman was the type to journal his innermost feelings?)
The JSA in this story is the same as the one in Infinity Inc including the appearance of Dick Grayson as Robin. It’s mentioned that the JSAs current headquarters are in Gotham and their past headquarters were in Civic City. It appears that the events in this story take place a couple months after story arc that ended in Infinity Inc #10. There is a reference to the “bad” JSA that was around causing trouble a few months ago. Sandman is currently laid up with a stroke and Power Girl and Star Spangled Kid have not rejoined the JSA. The JSA is accused of having been Nazi’s in WW2 and the members of the JSA that were around in that time are arrested. It’s revealed in this story that the JSA was disbanded in 1951 and reformed in the early 60s. The huntress is a member of the JSA and batmans daughter. She is also an attorney. It is also stated that USA law protects the identity of members of the JSA (perhaps all Superheroes) until and unless they are convicted of a felony. is this interesting tidbit of law cited elsewhere in DCU? Dick Grayson is also a lawyer. It’s also revealed that before Batman died, Jim Gordon died and Bruce Wayne was police commissioner of Gotham. It is also stated that Keystone City is approximately 100 miles from Gotham. Is there another reference to the distance between Gotham and Keystone City? In November 1940 the flash, Green lantern and Batman were asked by President Roosevelt to partake in covert missions against the Nazis. Dr fate and hourman were also commissioned by president for the same purpose. It is stated that Spectre also had a role in the anti-Nazi activity of the 40s but a few years back Spectre moved to Earth 1 so he is not a current member of the JSA. The squad of supers that fdr put together to fight Hitler was the first formation of the JSA. Original members included 1)Superman, 2) Dr. Fate, 3) flash 4)Green lantern, 5) the atom, 6) hourman 7)sandman, 8) spectre and 9) hawkman. This first iteration of the JSA was a year before Pearl harbor. The JSA superceded the All Star Squadron by a year. It is revealed that Dick Grayson used to be the ambassador to the union of South Africa. Bruce Wayne died in 1979. Bruce Wayne tried to outlaw the JSA before his death.

A note about continuity timeline. America vs. JSA #1 takes place a few months after Infinity Inc #10.

All-star squadron #41
Arion Lord of Atlantis Vol 1 27