Post Crisis Continuity and Year One (Bonus: Book Club!)

So, my buddy and I decided to start reading the DC Master Reading Order provided by (link provided below). We are starting with Batman Year One (Batman #404-407) and Catwoman (1989) #1-4. I’ve never read Catwoman origins before and after the first issue I’m really interested to see where this goes.

My question is how this all fits into Post Crisis continuity. Are these 8 issues considered to be Post Crisis canon? I thought Barbara Gordon (Batgirl/Oracle) was Commissioner Gordon’s niece. Which she still could be. I just wasn’t expecting Gordon’s wife to be named Barbara as well.

BONUS: As we are starting from the beginning here, I welcome anyone to read with us. If folks are interested we can keep this thread going discuss each group of comics each week. Given we just celebrated Batman day, I found the DC Master Reading list very fitting in that it starts out with a lot of Batman.

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