Post Crisis Barry Allen Question

After Crisis On Infinite Earths most of the DC heroes got a major retelling of their origin for the Post Crisis era. Superman had Man of Steel, Batman had Year One etc. In the time between Crisis and New 52 many of these stories were revised. Man of Steel gave way to Birthright and Secret Dawn, Emerald Dawn I & II were replaced by Secret Origin etc.

But what about Barry Allen? Did anyone at any point go back and retell Barry’s origin? I know there was Flash Year One but that was Wally’s story not Barry’s. There was also a feature in Secret Origins annual (not included here sadly) that had Barry going back in time to become the thunderbolt that transformed him into the Flash. Can anyone think of anything else?

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Barry is getting a Year One this year. I think it’s the next arc in his ongoing.

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I don’t think Barry’s origin was ever revised in the post-Crisis continuity. Being that he was “dead” for so long, I don’t think anyone saw a reason to revise his origin.


What about the story that suggests when he died in the crisis that he became the thunderbolt that hit him in the lab? That’s post crisis I believe



That’s from the Secret Origins Annual. Unfortunately it was never digitized so the version we have here is only Wally’s story.

The other thing that’s not on here for some reason despite being available on ComiXology is DC Comics Presents: The Life Story of the Flash. I guess maybe they’re counting that as a “graphic novel” though honestly its more of a one shot.

Much of Geoff Johns’ (and I think Mark Waid’s as well) work with Barry revised his origin, as I don’t believe his original origin had anything about his mother’s murder or his father foing to jail. That was Post-Infinite Crisis however. Barry was used only sparingly after CoIE, given that the Flash spotlight was put on Wally at the time.

@TheDemonEtrigan I was lamenting the fact that the Secret Origins annual wasn’t in the library here, but I see it must’ve been part of the big upload today. That’s amazing! I can’t wait to re-read that. I can’t wait to re-read most of Secret Origins. It was such a fun series.

You want The Life Story of The Flash, a oneshot from 1997 by Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn. It’s a book written from Iris West-Allen’s perspective about her late husbandms career.

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(It was reprinted in 2010 as DC Comics Presents: The Life Story of The Flash.)

@ Hubcity Question

Unfortunately it looks like that was not part of the download so they are probably counting it as a “Graphic Novel”

The Life Story of The Flash was originally a hardcover OGN, right?

It’s DC Comics Presents release definitely qualifies as a single issue. There are alot of books from that reprint line here already, so maybe that one will pop-up in the next upload.