Post Bronze Age (Modern Age) Comics

What omnibuses succeed the Bronze Age?

For instance, Teen Titans has one Silver Age and, I believe, one Bronze Age. Is the next in chronological order, The New Teen Titans or were there single issues that exist in between?

Also, what about for other series (i.e. one Swamp Thing and then the Saga of the Swamp Thing, one silver Doom Patrol and then the Grant Morrison run, Justice League Bronze Age and then Justice League Detroit Era, etc.)?

Thank you for helping.

CoIE was the end of DC’s bronze age so the New Teen Titan’s omnibus (which predates it by at least a couple of years) should be included in the bronze age.

I really don’t think DC has done many omnibi for the post bronze age material at least not by that name at least not until you get into the late nineties for things like Starman.

Thank you for responding.

For the Justice League, would the Detroit Omnibus be the next book in line after DC Comics completes the Bronze Age Omnibus run?

I think Detroit was also bronze age. What you would want to look for is one of the International era.

Ok, thank you.

I was asking because DC Comics releases Golden, Silver, and Bronze Age Omnibuses (as well as modern), and I doubt that they would have a Teen Titans Bronze Age Omnibus vol 2 which would contain the New Teen Titans Omnibus vol 1 material. So, I wanted to make sure that New Teen Titans is the next time the Teen Titans are seen which, if I am interpreting you response correctly, does. And the same situation applies for Justice League.

The reading order is silver age Teen Titans, bronze age Teen Titans, New Teen Titans Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and Vol. 3. New Teen Titans Vol. 4 is scheduled for next summer.

Ok. Thank you.

Would Totally Buy a Justice League International Omnibus covering Volumes 1-6 of Justice league International. (at the very least, i wish DC would fill in some of the holes in the 87-91 years of JI/A digitally)

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