{ Possible Spoiler } Alec Holland Swamp Thing

Will Alec be able to shapeshift from the Swamp monster to human? In the trailer, he kissed Abby in his human form. That didn’t happen in episode 1.


Not if it’s true to comics He won’t change back to human and there is an obvious reason why but I don’t want to spoil anything


I know but I think they’re gonna change it for the show.

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I hope not

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If you read Swamp Thing #2 from the original run, it might explain.

If they make it so we can shape-shift at will

What is he Shazam of the swamp

It’s not who the character is

It would lose so much if he can transform back and forth at will.

It would miss the entire point.

I bet they will be able to communicate in dreams or visions and Alec will be Human. I really liked Alec and could have watched him and Abbey for another episode and I’d been ok with it.


There will most likely be dream/nightmare sequences where he confronts or faces himself, Alec vs Swamp Thing, especially if…


He was never really Ale-


@DeadmanBrand… keep talking I just know!!! Or you know just tell me where to read it

Saga of the Swamp Thing (1982-) #21. The first Alan Moore issue (err…technically second but nevermind ‘Loose Ends’). Anyway, #21 ‘The Anatomy Lesson’ pretty much set the template on how to “reboot” an old character, not only setting a fairly drastic new status quo for ol’ Swampy but starting the obscure(-ish) character overhaul trend (along with MiracleMan). The whole run is absolutely dynamite (my favorite series and why I subscribed to this service), hope more people start reading from the excellent-so-far show! Thanks for asking! Hope it’s not too much of a spoiler, being the first issue of a legendary run…


Yea, my guess is there will be some sort of supernatural communication between Alec and Abby. Could be Dreams/Nightmares as others have mentioned. Could be through Mme Xanadu. Could be that they communicate through The Green. Hopefully they don’t have him transforming back though.

Deadman is correct for this being a dynamite series to read! The Alan Moore run will have have you pondering long after you have read it.

I hope the show doesn’t give him the ability to switch back that would be kind of corny (pun intended)