Possible CW Superman show?

Just saw rumors of CW possibly doing a Superman Show damn I would absolutely be thrilled with that news if it was on HBO or DC Universe or even SIFI with the budget krypton had(RIP) But CW worries me because they ruined each character. What would be your thoughts of a cow Superman show revolving around Clark and Lois raising Jonthan ?


So a superfamily show? YES. Especially if it’s more Jon’s story and he has to deal with Dad’s friends The Bats.

No, not if it’s on the CW. The DCU is the logical home for a Superman show


I would be happy with a Superman show that actually features him as the main character (no twists), on any channel or service.


Well I love Elizabeth Tulloch/CW’s Lois, so anything with her!

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Personally I don’t find Clark interesting as a character. I’d probably watch for Lex Luthor if he’s featured in it.

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Seriously. The only thing we need less than a Superman show, is a Batman show. There are plenty of characters in the DC box that deserve a show before Superman.

Zatanna, The Question, Power Girl, Wonder Woman (although I’d rather that be animated) anybody from the JSA, Donna Troy (ok not happening with titans on the DCU), Dr Fate, Deadman, Jonah Hex…and the list goes on.

To paraphrase Dick Grayson…bleep Superman.


Could anyone provide a source to these rumors?

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@DeSade I agree leave Superman and Batman to the big screen. There are plenty of characters awaiting their chance to appear in a show of their own.

Also, what characters have been “ruined”?

While I agree that other characters/properties absolutely deserve a chance on TV, a Superman series can serve as a birthing ground for lesser-known characters who can then be spun-off into their own show(s) after audience proven appreciations (i.e. ratings) of them on the Superman show.

Generally speaking, non-comic reading viewers will likely tune into a Dr. Fate show after they’ve come to appreciate him via guest appearances on a Superman series rather than starting him off in his own show first.

I’d love to see a CW Superman show. I’m also extraordinarily fond of the idea of a DCU Original animated Superman series.


While I’d like it, it isn’t happening.

Yes, spinning off characters from a show makes sense, but they already have: Flask, Supergirl, LoT, Black Lightening & Batwoman to do that. So Superman isn’t needed to do that. CW gets about a million eyeballs, give or take, per show. A CW Superman show isn’t going to all of a sudden consume 8 million eyeballs. If f it did,!it would be in CBS. They tried this already with Supergirl and even 1st season on CBS it topped out at about 1.2 million viewers.

Marvel even tried it with Inhumans on ABC and it gagged bad. Cloak and Dagger is on Freeform for a reason. There are only so many superhero show eyeballs.

@DeSade Supergirl is one thing, Superman is something else :wink:

Inhumans…do you mean Inhumanoids (the 80’s cartoon)? Oh yes, Inhumans. Well, they don’t have a fraction of the awareness of Superman, so I’m not sure that’s an apt comparison in all honesty.

An Inhumans production can have a ton of weight behind it, but in terms of overall property awareness, Superman will always be the greater attention getter.

In any event, fans have shown a very positive reception to the CW iteration of Superman, so from a CW executive’s POV you would asume “If they loved bits of him here and there, they’ll likely love an entire show with him.”. It can be argued that less is more, but in this case I’d argue that the audience truly does want more of Tyler Hoechlin’s Man of Steel.

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Sorry another Superman TV show makes little sense. WB is resting the character to either reboot him or to bring back Carville (sry spelling) as part of the new deal they signed

Given the popularity of the character after his appearances on Supergirl and the Elseworlds crossover, I wouldn’t blame CW for giving Superman his own show. And if they went that route, at least we could skip past the origin and his early years so it wouldn’t feel like a retread of Smallville or Lois & Clark. Plus you’ve already got actors for cameos as Lex Luthor, Cat Grant, and Jimmy Olsen. So if it happened I wouldn’t be upset, but it also wouldn’t be the top of my list for next CW/DC show.

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The deal I mentioned was the one with JJ Abrams

The rumor I’ve heard was that Metropolis, the show that was originally going to be on DCU, was being retooled as a Superman show for the CW. Given that the rumor came from a site that is about as reliable as a Magic 8 Ball and that Applejack said in a recent Office Hours that that show was still in development, I think the rumor is a stinking pile of manure.

And Supergirl regularly pulled between 6 and 8 million viewers in Season 1. It only hit 3 million a couple of times in Season 2 and none since; I believe that if it had gotten the California production tax credit they applied for that the show would have stayed on CBS.

Also, the Superman-adjacent show I want on DCU is Krypton!

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I’ll give you Superman has massive brand awareness, but suffers the same fate as a big brand character. “That’s not MY Superman.”

Superman, like Batman on live action tv is a less is more situation. There have been tangential shows that have had differing amounts of success. Smallville, Lois & Clark & Superboy.

But none of those were explicit Superman shows. There is a reason we haven’t seen a live action Batman tv series in over 50 years. It has a bigger potential to tarnish the brand, than polish it.