Possible All Women DC Fan Project?

Hello! My name is Lexi and I’ve been a DC fan my whole life. A lot of my early memories are me watching Justice League, Batman Beyond, Static Shock, Teen Titans, and Krypto (Krypto is where my Harley obsession started because I loved Bud and Lou so much). I loved comic books because they had female characters doing things that you didn’t normally get to see in shows made for girls. They were cool and I wanted to be cool and they showed me that I could be. I’d love to work with fellow women to celebrate these characters sometime if anybody would be interested. I was thinking artists, writers, etc… just any girl who wants to help capture these characters that mean so much to us.

I was thinking possibly an online zine and everybody who signs up gets to do a page? Idk if anybody has thoughts I’d love to hear them


This is an awesome idea! sadly I don’t think I have anything to contribute.