pop collectors

Who else in here collects Funko Pops?


I do!! I love them.

My collection has 36 total anima funko’s 12 DC funko’s and 7 fnaf funko’s

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I have red hood

I collect pop’s too all of them are of Dc
I have:
Bruce Wayne from Gotham signed by David Mazouz
Raven, Beastboy, Robin as nightwing, Starfire as batgirl, Raven as ladylegasus, Raven and BeastBoy from the night begins to shine, Trigon, Terra, Black fire, Jinx, redhood, Batman, Harley Quin and The Joker

Then I have one of Disney (Jack Jack from the incredible’s)

And Spider-Man

I love pops I have over 50

Absolutely love Pops! Most of mine are from Star Wars and I get the bi-monthly Smuggler’s Bounty subscription. I used to order a few of DC’s Legion of Collectors Boxes from Funko but the last two boxes that have been sold through Amazon didn’t interest me much. My favorite Pop is a Batman pop from BTAS that I got signed by Kevin Conroy at RICC this past fall. It’s super cool for this Batman fan! The next one I want to add to my collection is the new Flash pop that came out a couple months ago for The Flash CW show.

I buy the characters I like and the ones I think are cute. I have about 20 but I wouldn’t say I was a collector since I take them out of the box

Collector’s take things out of the boxes too. You’re a collector =)

I have a handful of Pops! Small collection but enough to say “it’s a problem.” I really like them as a collectible. My prize one is the 2Pac that is retired now and goes for a hefty price on ebay. And also my Orphan Black ones since they are also vaulted.

I have a couple DC. One being the collectors club Hawkgirl, which reminds me of animated JL so that’s cool. My best DC one is probably Anne Hathaway Catwoman, which was one of the first I got because I love Catwoman and I looooove Anne Hathaway.

@Vroom, so true :slight_smile: I just started coming to terms with taking things out of boxes to better enjoy my pieces. And once I started, I couldn’t stop! But I will always consider myself a collector.

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@Applejack, color me intrigued as to what you’ve opened lately :slight_smile: Jes’ curious.

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i do at first i thought they were kids toys and i had got a macho man randy savage pop from a friend down the street and thought sweet but i aint gonna buy more than after a week i bought the legends of tomorrow pop set and just been on a roll i have black panther unmasked i believe and a lebron james one and have the ant man and wasp set with ghost and a abominable snowman one and now im about to buy me the justice league set than gonna save up to buy the suicide squad set than save up for the venom set and daredevil set damn i love funko pops


I’m trying to limit the amount i buy but i do collect them to some extent

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@Vroom, I received the Oracle and Batgirl figure set from the Arkham video game for Christmas and almost immediately opened them. The one that was hard was my DC Direct Swamp Thing figure. He comes with those beautiful rose bloom hands as an accessory. He was in the box for almost 20 years before I removed him. And I’m so happy I did :slight_smile: It actually was a response to getting this job. Now he can hang out with me on my desk in full bloom.
How about you?

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I have 4, but I want to collect more. All of mine are DC. I have Batman from the Arkham Knight Series, Batman from The Dark Knight Trilogy series, Joker (Bank Robber) from the Dark Knight Trilogy series, and Harley with Mallet from the DC line up

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@Applejack, that’s a swell DC Direct Swamp Thing figure. It was one of their very first figures if I remember correctly. For me, I recently popped open the Batman figure from the DC Direct Batman: Hush line. He’s keen!

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Currently I have 461 Funko pops. Nearly 300 of them are DC comics. One of my most expensive pick ups was the original Green Arrow. I just finished up the Aquaman set last week.

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I love them, I’m only missing 1 Ivy and like 3 Jokers? Maybe 2 or 3 Harleys. Mostly the stupid expensive ones. :woman_shrugging: