Poor sales had nothing to do with Dan Didio and Jim Lee

everywhere I read all over the internet DC Fans keep blame Didio and Lee for ruins characters and Fans want DC fires Didio and Lee for failure.
you don’t realize both DC and Marvel already poor sales in the late '60s by the early '70s comics sales continue to drop and by the late '70s comics sales still continue going down and in the '80s DC comics change everything and try rise sales


average sales of Superhero comics (the year before Marvel broke into the top ten)

  1. Batman DC 898,470
  2. Superman DC 719,976
  3. Superboy DC 608,386
  4. Lois Lane DC 530,808
  5. Jimmy Olsen DC 523,455
  6. World’s Finest DC 513,201
  7. Action Comics DC 491,135
  8. Adventure Comics DC 481,234
  9. Justice League DC 408,219
  10. Detective Comics DC 404,339
  11. Metal Men DC 396,506
  12. Spider-Man Marvel 340,155 ## 1969

average sales of Superhero comics (after the price increase to 15 cents and the Batman TV series ends) source

  1. Superman DC 511,984
  2. Superboy DC 465,462
  3. Lois Lane DC 397,346
  4. Action Comics DC 377,535
  5. Spider-Man Marvel 372,352
  6. World’s Finest DC 366,618
  7. Batman DC 355,782
  8. Adventure Comics DC 354,123
  9. Fantastic Four Marvel 340,363
  10. Thor Marvel 266,368
  11. Incredible Hulk Marvel 262,472
  12. Daredevil Marvel 245,422
  13. Captain America Marvel 243,798 ## 2009

September sales of Superhero comics (now priced 2.99-4.99) source

  1. Blackest Night 140,667
  2. Captain America Reborn 108,240
  3. Batman And Robin 106,835
  4. Green Lantern 103,579
  5. Giant Size Old Man Logan 93,744
  6. New Avengers 85,526
  7. Green Lantern Corps 83,042
  8. Dark Avengers 79,662
  9. Batman 76,936
  10. Uncanny X-Men 73,523
  11. Amazing Spider-Man 70,118
  12. Ultimate Avengers 68,539
  13. Thor 65,210
  14. Amazing Spider-Man 62,517
    no matter how hard DC try high sale successful, more than 50 years DC try the best they can. not many people buy comic books, even TV superheroes not too good. I hope DC G5 is successful, will see what happens. Didio and Lee try the best they can and don’t blame them.

One of the biggest problems with selling comics will always be the problem of the glut of different media one can consume. It became harder with TV and movies, and is only getting harder with video games and the streaming age.

You can hate Didio for his opinions or decisions as much as you want, but they’re absolutely doing everything they can to keep things going, and I don’t know how successful DC would have been without them.


Some is also cultural. Comic sales declined all the time in the 90’s and 2000, 9/11 happened and comics have been on a slow rise ever since.

Perhaps it should not come as a surprise. After the end of the “Cold War” and the dismantling of the USSR people felt safer (even though they actually weren’t, but that is a different discussion) and the desire for heroes fell. 9/11 happened and the desire for heroes increased only this time, as said before, there were more media options to choose from. Not just books.

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