Poor Harley!

So, After reading some comics, I found out about what the Joker did to Harley Quinn (Smacking her out the window from who knows how high.) And now I feel sorry for her! Who else does?


I felt worse because, after that she’s all set to give up on the Joker because of what he did to her and all it takes is seeing a single rose in a vase at her bedside and she forgives and forgets just like that!

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Lol he’s done way worse. Once he chained her up in a room full of skeletons with Harley costumes on and convinced her that she was one of dozens of other Harleys. There’s also the whole beating her and abusing her thing too.

It’s obvious it’s called True love :heart_eyes: although if your not a fan of the abusive stuff thing maybe that type of true love isn’t for you