POLL: Which Doom Patrol Hero Is the Most F'd Up?

Yesterday was the Doom Patrol Season 2 finale and, in honor of that, we’d like to know which Doom Patrol Hero do YOU think is the most f’d up?

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Which Doom Patrol Hero did you choose and why? Let us know in the comments below!


Jeez, how do you even begin to rate this? I mean, you’d think, “This guy I now live with set up an accident that killed me and my semi-estranged family; now I’m an immortal brain in a robot body and I can’t feel anything; oh, and it turns out he lied and my daughter isn’t dead, but she grew up worshipping the guy who was plowing my late wife, and now she’s pregnant and getting married, but I have to miss her wedding to go save the daughter of the guy that did all this to me,” would be at least, like, a 12/10. And then it turns out he’s probably the least messed up.



As long as she doesn’t accidentaly let the candlemaker kill me, Dorothy is a pretty good kid.

Robotman is someone I could probably have a beer with and have a good time. He did his mistakes and is trying to do better. I can deal with the language.

Negative man is pretty normal apart from his affliction.

Jane … I am not sure there is a single person in the underground that can relate sanely to people except the protected personality which never gets to drive.


Crazy Jane


In all honesty, I think it depends on what you define as F’d up in the world of Doom Patrol. Jane has been through a lot of trauma and has 64(ish) personalities. Cliff is just a brain in a robot who is trying to make up 30 years of lost time with his daughter, Larry has a negative spirit and has to stay covered up or else people will die, and Dorothy has an imaginary friend that can destroy the world. Do we go with the psychological definition and say Jane? Or do we go with the situational definition and vote for the others in terms of who’s situation is worse? There’s a lot to consider here.


Cliff aka Robotman

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Jane has gone through a lot. And Robotman is really only a brain :sob: I guess it depends what exactly you’re asking? Lol

I agree about the brain bit! There’s no worse immortal “Effed-upness” than the idea of being just a brain in a container! I feel for the dude! I feel bad for all of them, but Cliff is just a brain… forever! He’s a clever, funny-ass brain but still just a brain! Hahaha!

Niles Caulder!

The chief is by far the most MESSED UP of the bunch.


Yeah, goin with the dark horse, Chief.


Physically speaking, Cliff. I mean he’s only a brain. Mentally speaking, Jane. One of her personalities is a nymphomaniac and that just really rubs me the wrong way for so many reason.

Yea I would say Robotman because he was pretty messed up even before he lost his body.

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Literally everyone. But I think that Jane wins


I was going through the catalog of insanity and horror that each person has gone through. Cliff hit me hard the same way! He’s feeling so much pain, but then also can’t feel anything. Not wanting to feel what he does, and wanting to feel what he can’t . That is a lot of torment for one man… er…robot…uh…RobotMan

Obviously they’re all messed up… but after a visit to The Underground… it’s gotta be Jane.

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This… entirely.

I feel for Robotman, but dude… he is honestly the least f#cked up here. He still has the sense to say, ‘If we are gonna die, then I’d like to die with my daughter.’ I mean he has to help because they actually might save her and the planet, but just considering the dilemma shows a lot of about how his priorities line up. Definitely, the most caring and least f#cked up but only compared to the whole group.

D.C. universe for not fighting harder for swamp thing!!!

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While it is understandable that people would think Jane is the most F’d Up due to having 64 personalities, I think the “station” of Jane (as one of the 64 personalities and the primary) has grown tremendously over the past two seasons. I think of Kay Challis’s personalities as 64 moods, most people have moods because people are complex. Kay just has more distinct moods with super-powers.

To have survived being: repeatedly raped from childhood into adolescence & psychologically abused by her father (i.e. made to sit in a bucket at the bottom of a well overnight) while her mother (an immigrant from Mexico, I think) enables & abets her husbands perverse crime, is made to endure forced drowning by a snake-cult under the guise of “exorcising her demons”, then after leaving her home is psychologically manipulated into an orgy by the first man she ever is seen to have had a relationship with, then is abused & experimented on by medical professionals in an insane asylum (only to later find out it was caused by her chosen “father-figure” Niles Caulder ), Kay having 64 personalities that are trying to help her cope with her past trauma is about the best case scenario in this fictional situation.

Niles Caulder is the most F’d up for ruining seven peoples lives (including the three original Doom Patrol members) and possibly countless others because he is unwilling to have an honest conversation with his 100+ year old daughter who he is keeping in a perpetual state of arrested development (the medical term, not the t.v. show).


Crazy Jane it’s literally in her name