POLL: Which DC Villain Is the Most Fearsome?

The Year of the Villain is upon us! The first issue of the latest mega-story arc has just dropped and it seems like evil is indeed winning! But which villain do you think is actually the most fearsome of all?

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Hands down. the Joker. His blatant disregard for life, including his own, makes him truly evil. Like when he cut off his own face and then wore it as a mask. WOW!!

Also the way he treats Harley makes him a ‘expletive’


Something about Luthor always bothered me. He could, unlike most comic villains, exist in the real world. Sure, not so high tech and all, but his skill. His mentality. His intelligence.

He should be a good guy, but he isn’t. The beautiful things he could do for the world are unimaginable. It’s a scary shame.


Joker :black_joker:


Classic Lex is more fearsome because he’s a pretender. He lives among us and in Metropolis (until they recently screwed him up in Year of the Villain) he signed your check. Thus, sadly, you are beholden to him. He “owns” you. That’s downright scary.


This is really a hard question. It’s between Lex and Joker for me. Though if I think about it, Joker does take things more to the extreme than everyone else in this list. He also just doesn’t care for anyone or anything.

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For me-it’s Joker hands down. He is absolutely crazy, a homicidal maniac with no filter to distinguish between right and wrong. After him, I’d say Brainiac. He isn’t human and isn’t “alive” in the traditional sense, and the only thing he follows is his own logic. Super intelligence that marches to his own drummer–pretty darn scary.

Trigon the Terrible. When he got loose in the Baxter New Titans, he recreated the entire Earth into his image and has conquered millions of dimensions. Frightening. Nekron is a close second. The Black Lanterns were terrifying and he commandeered the freaking Anti-Monitor into his power battery. Yikes! No coincidence that two of my favorite writers, Marv Wolfman and Geoff johns, were behind them.

Sinestro. It is literally his thing. lol

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I agree with the people saying that the Joker is the most fearsome. He’s genuinely horrendous on all accounts. But, I think Darkseid is a pretty formidable opponent as well. It takes the entire Justice League to make any type of impact on him. He’s virtually indestructible and has no regard for life either. All he wants is to conquer and destroy. Plus with his para demon army, it’s just a never ending onslaught of attack from him. So, that’s why I think Darkseid is a pretty fearsome villain.

Darkseid is an awesome villain and is my favorite one. I liked in Legends how he nearly destroyed our heroes without lifting a finger directly. Plots within plots.

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He’s such an intense character! I honestly can’t remember which Wonder Woman run it was, I think it’s Rebirth, but he was a baby and then he had his daughter kill all of the sons and daughters of Zeus so he could keep aging. He eventually faces Wonder Woman as an 18 year old version of himself. It was all a plot to fight Zeus himself, though. He literally killed A GOD and from Zeus’s power became his adult self again and then just tore everything apart. I was like omg! It was a really incredible moment in the comic, and I was just like, damn, Darkseid is literally unstoppable. His power insane. So formidable! Definitely one of my favorite villains as well.

The Joker