Poll: Which Batman Villain Looked Best In Their Movie Appearance? (Not Based On Performance)

This is based solely on looks and not on performance.

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This is such a tough choice, especially leaving performances out of it.

@ralphsix yea if you take in account performance I feel like a few would just run away with it but just taking into account appearance makes it a little bit more even of a playing field. I personally love penguin, deathstroke, and I even like Batman and Robins Bane.

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89 Joker, JL Deathstroke, and Harley remind me the most of their comic book counterparts. So it was gonna be one of the three. Nicholson’s appearance, until someone else comes along, embodies the role for me.

I’m having a hard time voting…

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Dark knight catwoman jumps into the lead, I didn’t see that happening If anything I thought it would have been Batman returns catwoman

@c-m-woodworks decision decisions. Vote wisely

No love for Batman and Robin Bane.

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I actually like that ones design more than Dark Knight Returns. It helps that they got a big body builder. Tom Hardy is only 5’9 when Bane in the comics is like 7’0 ft.

Based off looks alone, I went with Deathstroke.

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So do you think justice league or titans deathstroke looks better?

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Dang man that is so tough. I will have to examine them side by side give me a few to look at them.

I think I’m going to go with Titans Deathstroke.
The colors are more in lined with comics. The actor looks more like Slade. (Nothing against Joe)

I was trying to decide if I’d rather Margot Robbie or Anne Hathaway. Margot is more toned, but I like Anne’s slightly curvier look. And she has a big pretty smile. She’s a bit pale, but in this case it gives her skin a nice contrast with the cat suit. I’ve liked Anne since before I ever heard of Margot, and she’s aged pretty well.

I think Michelle pfeiffer was a fox in her day. But as far a good looks in her cat suit go, Anne has her beat. Michelle looked weird and crazy all suited up, and it was great and that was kind of the point. Anyways that was my whole thought process and that’s why I went with Anne.

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B&R Poison Ivy, Uma Thurman nailed that role both from a look and a character standpoint. Although Robbie’s HQ is a close second.

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I went with JL Deathstroke which was just a bad@$$ look.


I chose the dark knights two face

Justice League Deathstroke looks more like the comics to me than Titans. Plus, with a one-liner, I felt more “attacked” by him than the Titans (I can’t even think of any major lines from his version). Anyway, here’s the one-liner for those who may have forgotten: “You better not be wasting my time.

Deathstroke with a pretty big lead. Understandably so his costume is pretty awesome. I wonder if people would pick that over the titans costume though.