Poll: Which Aquapet Would You Want For Your Very Own?

Poll Link: Which Aquapet Would You Want For Your Very Own?

You’re taking a strolling float through Atlantis, when you notice a strange little pop-up shop – an aquapet store! You’ve been thinking about getting an aquapet for some time now, so this must surely be fate.

You approach the windows and take a peek at each of the, erm, cuddly creatures that might soon be swimming home with you.

In Window #1 is Salty, an Aquadog who has had a custom pen fashioned to suit his inability to breathe underwater, or swim. He wears a special apparatus that assists with oxygen. While he would be high-maintenance, there is no denying his warm eyes and clear loyalty.

In Window #2 is Storm, a giant seahorse who you have an instant, even-more-telepathic-than-usual connection with. Storm would surely be your mighty steed, your friend AND your transport. But while noble, are they strictly a pet?

In Window #3 is Topo, a giant octopus with an intelligence so deep you know you could rely on it to master any conflict that should arise in the depths. But can it trul y be trusted?

Finally, in Window #4, is Tusky, a walrus who would surely be your wingman and your bro-pal. With Tusky, you could just sit back and relax after a long day of oceanic battling.

We must know- which of these aquapets will be going home with you today? Tell us by following the link to this poll below!


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Tusky, basically me as an animal :stuck_out_tongue:


Storm. In the Filmation Aquaman series, he always looks like he means bidness.



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Either Storm or Salty.

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Tusky was my favorite as a kid but you know you have to go with storm or imp


To get into good college

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I bet Topo is wicked on the drums, but Storm takes the prize. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to be tooling around the deep on a giant seahorse? Not sure that it could get much better.

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