Poll: What Sub-Categories Would You Like to See in Community Events?

Greetings, friends!

As we carve the path of celebrating the clubs of DC Universe through marketing and front page category polish, we are also looking at the core organization of events. With this in mind, we are exploring sub-categorizing the Community Events section into event types. Below is a poll of the sub-categories we are currently considering.

If you have time, we would love to hear your feedback on which of these categories you think are essential, or if you think we should leave it as is. You might have caught on that we value your suggestions, so if you have any additional thoughts, please feel free to comment below!

What Sub-Categories Would You Like to See in Community Events?

  • Watch-Alongs
  • Trivia
  • Activities
  • Book Clubs
  • History & Creators
  • Q&As
  • Leave it the way it is

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Thank you as always for helping to craft a platform in your image- we couldn’t do it without you!


Since u allowed for additional comments. I just wanted to say a -HUGE- thank u to all the mods, creators, community etc. that make this site so special to me. As my 1st form of any social media, I couldn’t be happier with the way everyone is respectful & instantly ready to help if u should ask. I love the community, the mods, the content & how easy it is for someone like me to navigate & use. They definitely picked the right people as mods. You must love working together if it’s any indication to the way u are on site. I joined in ‘18 & have yet to encounter any bullying or offensive comments personally. The ones I have noticed (which are beyond minimal considering the amount of members) were handled swiftly & permanently by u, the mods. Thank u for providing a safe space to swap ideas, opinions etc. all of your hard work definitely hasn’t gone unnoticed. Sincerely Thank u.


Sometimes book clubs include watchalongs. Is there any way for that to be listed separately when it occurs? So, even though it’s part of the club, the watchalong itself gets listed in the watchalong category.

Also, I’m not sure if the possibilities, however it would be cool if you had separate calendars or filters so if we just wanted to see the scheduled watchalongs or just the QAs, we could do so.

I would say clubs should be it own sub category. Since there are book clubs, movie clubs, and clubs that can use mixed media (comics & video) there could be a delineation of those 3.
Perhaps: Book Clubs, Movie Clubs, Other Clubs, Watch-a-longs, Events (like Meta Madhouse), Misc

Or some such. I am thinking this way because if my club submission gets approved (psychology of supervillains) it would be in the “Other” category. Clubs that use comics and/or video to discuss other things than specific media runs/episodes/etc. aka not focused on the media itself, but it’s implications.

That’s my 2 cents. It would certainly make finding clubs and events of interest easier,