POLL: What Is Your Favorite DC CRISIS?

Heroes in Crisis has just come to its world-shattering conclusion, and it joins the ranks of other Crises that helped shake the DCU to its core. But which Crisis is the cream of the crop?

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I don’t like any of the Crises.


Crisis on Infinite Earths! Think about it; nothing on this scale had been done before. This felt like not only a love letter to DC history but it felt like there were actual stakes. Some of comics greatest moments happened in this maxi-series. And we’re still feeling the repercussions of it to this day!

So far, no other Crisis has lived up to the precedent set by this one.

  1. Worlds lived. Worlds died. And nothing was ever the same.

  2. Ralph lived. Sue died. And I hate that, but thanks for trying just the same.

  3. Ted Kord died. The Freedom Fighters died. Bludhaven died. Like half the Teen Titans died. Psycho-Pirate died. Earth-2 Superman died. And after a while it all just started to feel the same.

  4. Monumentally, staggeringly poor creative decisions lived. Several characters died. And the explanation is “Wally just went insane!”

This is not a hard decision.


Identity Crisis is one of the few comic mysteries that felt satisfying. Beyond that though it’s a love story that reminds us that our role models are human. It’s not particularly grand in scope like COIE or Infinite Crisis but it feels like it really matters. If we’re being honest, it made Sue matter. And this really launched the DC universe that I love


Sue has mattered for a long time before Identity Crisis. In the Silver and Bronze Age, her and Ralph’s adventures were always welcomed. Post-Crisis she was a vital part of the JLE along with Catherine Colbert. Sue has had an impact for years. I think that’s why the reaction to what happened to her was so strong.


Secret Option: Crisis on Multiple Earths. Or, C.O.M.E., the Crisis welComes you.


But not really, she was a constant character sure but she didn’t really matter. Her loss made us appreciate her more.

How come Final Crisis isn’t on the list? That would have had my vote. Grant Morrison crafted a dense and compelling story depicting the final confrontation between good and evil that was, at its essence, about the very nature of storytelling and the human desire for a happy ending.


Her contributions and her role in the JLE made her matter. For fans of the silver age and even the satellite era, she mattered. She wasn’t just “Elongated Man’s wife”, she was his parter, just as important as Ralph. She was respected in her Justice League tenures. The character was different than most spouses. For fans who grew up reading those silver age, Bronze Age and post-Crisis stories, she mattered. If she didn’t matter and wasn’t on anyone’s radar, then Meltzer wouldn’t have chosen her to use in his story. I don’t agree with what happened to her in the story.

Identity Crisis holds a lot of meaning to you. You picked it as your favorite Crisis for a reason and I wouldn’t want to take that away. By that same token, Sue Dibney held a lot of meaning to a lot of people and again, it’s why so many people were disgusted by how she was treated in both the scene with Doctor Light and her death.


I don’t know a favorite, but working in reverse…

I dislike Flashpoint. The story itself was fine. The aftermath wasn’t for me. The changes to Superboy were, for me, unforgivable.


I think the most appropriate comparison is to #24 from Venture Bros. A character that was there from the beginning and who people liked but didn’t really, really love until he died. Did he do things? Sure. Were they particularly impactful? Not really. Did it still hurt when he died? Absolutely. Part of the reason is because those characters are so comforting that you don’t realize it until their gone. As characters their deaths matter, but it is their deaths that made them matter.


I can see where you’re coming from with your perspective (also, nice to know you’re a fellow Venture fan!) but I think this is a case where we’ll have to respectfully agree to disagree.


I think you’re right but nonetheless “Go Team Venture!”


:slightly_smiling_face::+1: (sadly they don’t have a team venture finger emoji lol)


I haven’t read any of them to like them or not, but I really have no interest to cuz they’re always trying to kill my favorite character in these events so… not gonna support it.

I just looked at the poll. I assumed there would be some things on here that weren’t included. Zero Hour and Flashpoint are “Crisis” level events in my head. Of the options CoIE is definitely the best work. Lots of fun stuff as a result.


Flashpoint felt more like a Crisis event than Identity both Heroes in Crisis and Identity crisis… actually the same goes for Zero Hour. I guess even if those 2 were included It’d still come down to Infinite crisis or Crisis on infinite earths for me. I’ll go with Infinite earths.


Identity crisis had a big moral impact in the Dc Universe and was an overall well done self contained miniseries. The build up to infinite crisis was amazing. I was fully invested.

Crisis on Infinite Earths.

One of DCs best stories.

The other crisises ranges from bad to worse in my book.