POLL: What Is the Scariest House in the DCU?

It’s that spooky time of year and that means it’s time to choose the scariest house in the DC Universe!

Head over to the News section and cast your vote.

Let us know in the comments below which house did you choose and why!

Long Halloween Cat


I would have to go with the House of Secrets because it is the most unknown to me and I tend to fear the unknown

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All great choices. But I went with Arkham. That has always creeped me out.
Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, and I always thought it’d be so awesome to see Arkham. Scare the crap outta me. :crazy_face:


I work in a mental hospital, so Arkham better not scare me LOL


I actually wondered, is Arkham Asylum really a house?


Technically yes, since the patients live there. It would be like a nursing home or such, any long term situation becomes housing…

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I don’t know…would you then consider Black Gate or Iron Heights a house?

The House of Reboots.


I went with Arkham. Asylums that were founded before modern medicine were horrifying places. :scream: I dont consider myself particularly supersticious, but I feel like places with that kind of history have got to carry some bad memories, even sans Gotham’s finest villains gallery.


I’ll admit, I don’t know very much about the House of Secrets or Mystery, but I think Wayne Manor would be the most safest place to be (cause, y’know, it’s Batman’s house), while Arkham Asylum… well first, yes it is an Asylum, there are a lot of people there who are considered extremely dangerous, like Joker and Killer Croc. Also… the Joker technically lives there (sometimes) and whether or not he’s there, his energy is, because I’m pretty sure the employees don’t burn sage in that place. Arkham has had many patient takeovers as well, so in the event there is a breakout and everyone is let loose… I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t survive, there has been a lot of deaths at Arkham, I’m sure! The only time you would ever see me at Arkham is if I was rescuing Arkham Knight Jason Todd, anyone who knows me on here knows that I would. We also know that the doctor’s there… um… are not the greatest of people (Hugo Strange…)

TL;DR Wayne Manor is the only “House” that I would even take a step into, I avoid any houses that look creepy, and the only way I would be in Arkham is if a certain Renegade Robin Senpai would absolutely need me to.

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Arkham, DC has some frightening denizens in the asylum…

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I went with Arkham Asylum. It’s hard to get scarier than any place that houses The Joker, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, and other members of Batman’s rouge’s gallery!

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The email says to vote for Where I would want to spend Halloween… Here it tells me Which House is the Scariest… I went with Scariest… It would be a different choice for Where I would want to spend Halloween… Yeah, yeah, when I start analyzing a fun quiz for a pure fan activity, I may be working too much. HAHAHA

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