Poll: Pick Your Saturday Morning Joker

I, too, chose Mark Hamill, as the iconic “animated” Joker but because I knew he was going to do so well before he even got the part. Remember live action Flash 1990? Anyone that can wear a suit like that, do his hair like that, and can just go so completely off the rails would make a great Joker. But all of them have been a joy to watch. If you haven’t read Batman #1, DC has kept him true to form from his first appearance, read it hear at DC Universe.

Almost voted for brave and the bold. Everyone’s voting hamill, I thought. But you know, it’s hamill so I voted btas.
Still brave and bold bold had a great joker. Too fruity, too stabby, alright.

Whoever voiced Joker on Batman: The Brave and the Bold reminds me of whoever played him in the Silver Age Batman segment of the Legends of the Dark Knight episode of The New Batman Adventures.

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I picked Brave & Bold Joker. It was the lowest pick after I chose him. He’s amazing, much love for all of them tho.