POLL: NCBD on Tuesday or Wednesday?

We all know that this past year has really shaken up the comic book industry, including the distribution model.

One of the biggest changes is the release date of new issues (shifting from Wednesday to Tuesday).

Some comic book shops have embraced the change (#NewDCTuesday) while others are still holding the books and putting them up on Wednesday along with other publishers.

Just curious, which day do you prefer?

  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday

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Are you making two trips to the store? Are you using a pull list (so it doesn’t matter)? Have you gone completely digital?

Let’s discuss!

And as always, support your local comic shop!


I have a pull list. I go maybe once a month or once every two months to pick up whatever has accumulated in my box. But if I’m going for something new, “day of”, it’s just instinct to go Wednesday. Can’t help it.


I’ve gone completely digital/TPB. Not just for cost but space in my home as well.


My store does not release books until Wednesday, so it doesn’t really make a difference. I don’t hate Tuesday release, but I kind of hope DC will go back to Wednesday.


I fear change…

Wednesday for me!


Tuesday. I read digital - might feel differently if I had to actually go to a store to get books.


I only pull DC, so Tuesdays for me! Makes me feel like I’m getting them a day early.


My LCS is still on Wed for all books, and it’s tradition to me, for years I’ve had Wed off for comics, groceries, Dr appointments etc.


I’ll always prefer the day the books go on sale.

In the Diamond era, Wednesday was my favorite day of the week.

In the post-Diamond era, Tuesday has taken that spot.

I don’t currently buy anything outside of DC, so my New Comics Day is a one trip occasion, especially since I read most new things of interest in digital.

If I was reading new books in print and also read non-DC titles, I’d arrange my schedule so I could do “DC on Tuesday and the rest on Wednesday” trips to ye 'ol comic shoppe.

SN: I’m not a fan of comic stores that don’t put new DC books out on Tuesday, as all that does is frustrate customers who come in on Tuesday for new comics.

It can cause one store to lose said customer’s business while another store with the new books out on Tuesday will not only get that sale, but likely more business from those same customers who are glad to get new books on their first day of release.


If I go to the store, It’s usually more to pick up back issues from the Bronze Age-Post Crisis series that I either wasn’t reading or “lost”* in a move. Current issues I mostly just read online. So it really doesn’t matter which day the physical copies come out anymore. That being said, The sooner, the better is always preferable. So Tuesday for me.

*“lost” more than likely, Mom threw out the shelf’s worth of comics I had when we moved into our new house. (This was back when I was 9 or 10)

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I prefer just the one trip, so I’ll just stick to Wednesday. I’m mostly reading digital only now. The amount I have read on here till now has already covered the cost of the subscription.

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