Poll: Is It Just Me?

Ok, So, Is It Just Me, Or Do You Get Distracted While Enjoying DC Content?
I Love Diving Into The Wonderful World Of DC, But Some Days, Its So Hard To Concentrate With All Of The Distractions In The World.

  • No, While Reading Or Watching DC, I Am Like A Stone. Un-Wavering. DtKjgRCVYAMq51y
  • Yes, I Try Hard To Focus, And Temporarily Be Swept Away Into The DC Universe. But Some Days Its So Hard To Concentrate.
  • Um, Wait, Hold On….”Kids, Put The Remote Down And Stop Fighting… Sorry, What Were We Talking About Again?”

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Not just you. Normally it’s you guys who distract me though… (sometime it’s Arlo Guthrie and life but mainly you guys and the biscuit mob)


Hope you’re doing well and getting better.

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