Poll: Help Us Rank (Almost) Every Catwoman Costume Ever!

Over in our News section, the illustrious @HubCityQuestion does the tireless job of ranking (almost) every Catwoman costume ever - do you agree with their analysis? Do your part by submitting your vote to let us know which Catwoman costume YOU think should be the cat’s meow!


  • Batman #1
  • Batman #3
  • Batman #10
  • Batman #15
  • Batman #35
  • Batman #112
  • Batman (1966)
  • :superman_hv_4:'s Girlfriend, Lois Lane #70
  • The :batman_hv_2: /:superman_hv_4: Hour
  • Batman #208
  • Batman #210
  • Batman #266
  • The New Adventures of :batman_hv_2:
  • Batman: Year One

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  • Batman Returns
  • Batman: TAS
  • Catwoman #1 (1993)
  • The Long Halloween
  • TNBA
  • Catwoman #86
  • Catwoman #1 (2002)
  • The Batman
  • Arkham City
  • The Dark Knight Rises
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us
  • Gotham
  • Catwoman #35
  • Injustice 2
  • Catwoman #1 (2018)

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Which of Catwoman’s costumes do you think are just purrr-fect? Let us know in the comments below! :catwoman_hv_3:


More costumes! More costumes!

For one, I’m a huge fan of the Telltale series costume:

Of the polls I went with Batman #35 and Batman Returns.


Her best suit is the Jim Balent suit. It’s visually very balanced and the purple and the long flowy hair make it stand out visually. It was also from the best era of comics in my opinion so I can’t help but love it for that reason as well. And no matter which artist draws her in that design, it’s stunning!

My next favorite is the Joëlle Jones design, it’s fashionable, sleek, yet functional. And it harkens back to the Michelle Pfeiffer suit, which is always a plus!

Next fave is the classic purple dress with green cape, it’s dramatic, it’s vibrant, it’s Catwoman.

Next fave is the Arkham design, a great update to the original Cooke design. the Telltales design is also a good update on it as well and a new fave of mine

Last is the Pfeiffer suit, it’s iconic at this point and that whole interpretation was so pivotal and influential for future Catwoman iterations


Love this poll, and Love how it is set up to where each picture is by each selection. I’ve made some polls, but I’ve only been able to insert one main picture at the top of my Poll. I would love to know how to put the individual pictures beside each selection. Is there a “How to” or can you help explain how to do that?
Sorry for this side-step from the conversation. But this poll is really great.


Darwyn Cooke’s design is sleek and flawless in my opinion, though I may be a tad biased towards Darwyn Cooke’s art. Although her costume in Batman #210 is a close second for me.



I think Arkham City and TDKR got attached to the same option accidentally. I went with AC on the second poll.


CURSES! You’re right. I’ve updated the HTML to separate them out. Hope you all like clicking polls! :sweat_smile:


I wish that design had appeared in BTAS. I’ve never liked the BTAS suit(s).


I’ve grown to like the BTAS suit but it’s nowhere near my fave, the Balent design is superior on so many levels. I’ve typically never been a fan of Selina in gray, it’s boring. Though Bruce Timm did a good job with the black gloves/boots and gold belt to accent the suit


Darwyn Cooke’s version and anything with the goggles is my preferred Catwoman look.


Seeing Catwoman’s costume evolve has been truly interesting to watch take place over the past eighty years. Her appearances on TV, in Film, and of course in the comic book storylines has provided a plethora of differing and inventive stylings that have contributed to this classic Bat Universe character’s undeniable engagement factor that we all know and love. And while I’ll always dig her classic look from the 1940s/50s (depicted here in an episode of Batman: The Brave And The Bold)…


… her reimagined visage in the Ed Brubaker/Darwyn Cooke helmed Catwoman series of the early 2000s is probably the coolest look she’s ever sported.

Love that they went with a slightly modified take on this style in last week’s Harley Quinn eps as well.

Good stuff! :catwoman_hv_1::catwoman_hv_2::catwoman_hv_3:


Yeah I would have to agree, I dunno the hair and the purple was always a cool look and seemed sorta throwback to complement Batman’s grey


She might have one of the best wardrobes of any DC villain. I was stuck between 4 favorites… and that’s saying something. Still, the Jim Balent suit always wins.


It’s more the person wearing it, so Eartha Kitt for the win!


Am I really the only one who voted for The Batman design? :flash_hv_2:


it’s all good, I’m probably one of the very few if only one who likes the green suit. meant to click on #208 but click on the other one. Also messed up the second list :sweat_smile:. While B:TAS is probably my #2 I meant to click on the 1993 suit.


The clothes don’t make the lady, the lady makes the clothes. It’s not the costume, but how you fill it out that matters.
IMO, that makes the Julie Newmar ‘66 costume the best ever, nothing else is even a close second.


Personally i like Catwoman New 52 earth-2 costume the best it’s all black with a hint of white and dark purple that makes it pop better than the others. I also like her ‘one-shot’ purple outfit from Catwoman 2018 number 19 and some of 20 before she switched to wearing her ‘hero’ costume Alfred sent her.

however i also like her second batwoman costume form the sequel to JLA: the Nail.


My favorite is the Darwyn Cooke design but I liked Adam Hughes take on it as well.


I never knew about the realistic cat head costume. Realistic animal head masks are in, why not bring that look back for Catwoman. :smile_cat: