Poll: Head Gear #1

Just for fun, out of the choices below, which 3 characters have the best head gear as part of their costume? (These are in no particular order or grouping). :sunglasses:


While there are currently five of these, there are some factors that can change the perspective for voting. The term β€œbest” implies comparison, so are we comparing headgear of, for instance, Batman with other variations of headgear for him; are we comparing which style looks best for a character (i.e. how much of the face shows); are we comparing how close a headgear resembles our own interpretation of how a character should look (i.e. should a character like Green Lantern have an illuminating streak of flame as headgear); or are we comparing based on a different criterion?

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Well, I was just basically meaning, out of the options shown, which head gear do you like the best. Sorry, I probably should have made a better poll.
I was just wanting to have fun and see what people thought about the options in each grouping.
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