Poison Ivy #Friend goals

So I’m a big fan of the Harley Quinn series, I do have some minor issues with the portrayal of Robin because lets be real here little D is a lot of things but intentionally adorable is not one of them. I f you called Dami cute and weren’t Dick Grayson he’d probably stab you with his katana. However Robin aside I love the show’s take on Harley, especially her relationship with Ivy. Honestly I think Ivy is the best part of the show, their relationship is #friendshipgoals TBH Harley and Ivy are one of my favorite DCU couples but I would be okay with them just maintaining a good friendship. Long rambling story short though I ■■■■■■■ love Poison Ivy in this show, Harley might be the lead but god damnit I’m rooting for Ivy.


I think making Damien “Gotham’s little sweet potato pie” makes sense. So many of these characters are twisted from their comic counterparts and that’s part of the fun.

Ivy is a great character but my fave is Dr Psycho is my fave. Anyone who throws a “see you next Tuesday” at WW, goes to the top of my list, just because that’s just suicidal.


Agree on your 2 larger points. Huge Damian fan ( but this show is eventually gonna poke fun at whoever u like) & I’m so happy for Lake Bell. I loved her on Children’s Hospital. It was a weird comedy show on adult swim with the likes of Rob Corddry, Marlin Ackerman (Watchmen motion picture), Henry Winkler, Ken Marino, Michael Cera, Joe Lo Truglio, Rob Riggle, Meghan Mullaly etc etc. when I saw she was voicing Poison Ivy, I was so happy. I figured she’d be perfect, cuz she has a smart*** wit about her & she’s been awesome!!!

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