Poison Ivy (6/7/22) | Book Discussion | Spoilers Ahead!

I have. Really glad to see there will be more! This last one set up what looks like it will be a great next issue. :sweat_smile: Haven’t read this weeks yet. I will tonight.

I read the Greg Rucka story you listed after the last book to fill the time.

I never thought of it that way. I’m reading more of both lately and this makes a lot of sense now that I think about it. Neither let’s anything that creates imbalance slide, do they?


This was a great issue… except for one part. However, I have to say the boss got what he deserved and really was designed to make you want ivy to kill him. Oh, I am looking forward to Ivy vs. what is likely The floranic man…God, I hope she gets her powers back and can now transform into an Avatar of the Green form like the body transformation hallucinations we have been seeing. it’s nice to see Ivy truly reconnecting with her humanity after what she has gone through since HIC.


I loved issue #4. Let’s start with Employee Efficiency Expert, George Halloran, and why he got what was coming to him. First, there are the things he said:

“Nobody wants to work for a living anymore.”
“If you gotta pee, you pee in a bottle. If you gotta do the other thing, wait 'til you get home.”

Then he’s off sexually harassing Jesslyn and silencing employees he knows can’t go anywhere else. Enjoy fungal spore heck, my dude! Seriously, though, he is allowed to tell his side of the story which I do think is important. The guy represents the kind of corporate “tough love” I’ve always had a personal resentment towards, but… we’re all human and even the worst of us have our stories and our reasons.

Also, Pam’s love scene with Jesslyn stood out. First, it was interesting that she could only think of Harley while it was happening. It’s also significant that this is when she decides that she wants to live. Being with Jesslyn> Memories of Harley> Reminded of what she actually has to live for. Poignant.

Very interested to see who “the Green Man” is. I’m guessing it’s not the Omega Man turned Green Lantern Green Man. @Nobody.bladesmith may be right that it’s the Floronic Man, but… we’ll see…


Eeexcellent. :green_heart: I love me some Greg Rucka.

I started writing something for this weeks issue and got pulled away, but :face_with_monocle: I’ll be back… now here’s a variant I was admiring, friends! Talk soon.


Dear G. Willow Wilson and Marcio Takara,
Great issue. Ivy’s motives and struggles remain understandable, from taking out the garbage (maybe I should’ve felt bad when the gross HR creep got murked, but I didn’t) to her one night stand,which was was strangely…a pleasant surprise. She acted human again, and it brought a drive for purpose and completion to the forefront, which brought her back to knowing why she can’t do this. There’s a mystery afoot, too, and the end of this story arc still feels unpredictable…but I don’t want to speculate, so I’ll just say: :green_heart: Well done again.

Love this panel. #GoTeamGreen

:notes: Another track for Ivy’s road trip:

Ps. :rose: I’m only going to do this for the original 6 issues, peeps :laughing: don’t worry!

Additional thoughts on Dr. Isley, pt.4

She’s a “villain”, sure, but Ivy is complicated once we pay attention to how she interacts with people. Sure she was supposed to (possibly/allegedly) represent the women who would seduce you, use you, and throw you away, and who loves money, but that’s not how I’ve personally read her most of the time. She’s the distant one that you crave, but can never have—and money is more about stability and independence than it is greed. Hidden in her anger and isolation is often a tragic longing to be loved and to feel free, and whether they mean to or not, they are playing with it beautifully here.

Her OG bravado isn’t arrogance so much as it’s a lack of trust, and a defense mechanism. Not unlike another alpha I know: Catwoman, who by association w/ Batman gets to be considered an anti-hero. So why can’t Ivy be one?

I mentioned it in regards to HQAS, since it looks like Ivy :crown::rose: will be taking over/giving the LOD a makeover next season (and back to Diana) if anyone can turn Ivy into something that resembles a hero, it’s Diana—someone she respects, who will respect her in return. Someone who leads with her heart just as much as Harley. Someone she can admire for their transparency, in a world where honesty can seem in short supply.

And now :crystal_ball: it’s all becoming clearer why this strange combo are my favorite characters.


Just gonna leave this right here. :rose: Since it’s prob one of Harley’s favorite holidays… :0_poison_ivy_bombshells:


And this upcoming variant :star_struck:


Damn, of course I only find out about this right at midnight on the 24th :sob:


I caught up on this last issue. I was thrown by the hook up. I love Harley and Ivy as a couple so I wasn’t happy about it, but Ivy’s thoughts and the fact that she copped to it right away somehow made it go down easier. Which was weird, but then I thought how much it shows strength in their relationship and that Ivy isn’t a liar. If it were weak, she would try to hide it, right? It also shows that Ivy isn’t only gay for Harley, it’s all the time. I’m looking forward to finding out what’s going on with the green creature-guy who he is and what he wants. He better take several seats when this is over. :triumph:


Without a doubt. So much that she celebrates it 365 days a year! :00_harlivy:I can’t blame her. I’m becoming a little extra obsessed with Ivy myself lately. :rofl: