Poison Ivy (2022) | Book Discussion | Spoilers Ahead!

Probably! If I don’t oversleep :laughing:

Yeah, lots to unpack from their performance… I may swing by the WC thread to see what you all thought and see what I can add!


Same! I’m going to set, like, 5 alarms :alarm_clock: :rotating_light: :laughing: And no worries if you don’t make it by. The threads not going anywhere, but I’d be curious whatcha think.


Thanks @Razzzcat @TheCosmicMoth!


I was just thinking this the other day. I’m only planning on checking out a few and would stay in here when I get to Ivy’s.

It wasn’t until I saw a moth that I put it together and thought about the name . :face_in_clouds:


I want to use a better word than cute, but they are. :00_harlivy: they’re cute, theres no way around it lol


Picked up variants for #11 and #12. The art in this series blows me away.


Oooh look at those covers! I think I like the second one a bit more


Bet. The art is crazy good! :ivy_kiss: Those are great choices.


Just did a really long post about Knight Terrors Poison Ivy in the Knight Terrors thread, for anyone interested:


You’re awesome, Moth! Thanks for dropping this in both places. :green_heart: I have a series of reviews for the KT thread (and one for in here), but I want to read more first.

Speaking of which… :eyes: just remembered I forgot to post my Issue 13 review! :facepalm_catwoman: Brb.

First, here’s these upcoming variants, everyone! (I’m especially :star_struck: with :point_down: this one):


Oh… hi, plant momma… :heart_eyes:


Dear G. Willow Wilson, Marcio Takara & Co,
I feel like I’m running out of ways to say thank you and I love this. :see_no_evil: Issue 13: We’re back in town (:wave: Hey Selina! Hey Croc!), and the next phase has officially begun, starting immediately with a “redevelopment” that will surely cause more strife. I’m still :100: down to go wherever you decide to take me—including Slaughter Swamp! I hope this means we’ll see my man Dr. Holland at some point, especially with whatever was lurking around. I’m also super curious to see what domestic bliss w/ Harls will look like, and what (possibly) glorious way Ivy will ruin Lex’s (annoying af) luxury condos! Great topic/side quest that feels right at home in this series. A world w/ massive economic disparities, and questionable ethics has been our backdrop from the start, so Ivy should be one of the people attempting to stop something from eating away at her “home”. :green_heart: :poisonivy_hqas: :pray: Thank you, once again.

The opening panels were perfection, so I’m going with this page as my favorite:

This one was pretty great, too.

And here’s another track for :rose: Ivy’s playlist… since swamps always make me think of this band for some reason, the lovely lady gets a lovely (and my fave) CCR song…

🌹 Additional thoughts on Dr Isley, Pt.8

I really am running out of ways to say how much I’m enjoying this series and how impressed I’ve been! :see_no_evil:

It’s like my brain overloads every issue. The topics, artwork and a style of storytelling used throughout are things I crave. Normally I’d have to search high and low for it, but this time it’s right in front of me, wrapped in a bow! I have NO choice but to keep recommending it to even non-comics readers and to keep saying :heartpulse: thank you.

It’s just all been such a magnificent, and honestly, unexpected step forward for Ivy. This is one of those pivotal events in her history, no doubt about it—right up there w/ her creation, meeting Harley, and Lake Bell (crushing it over on HQAS). :crown:

Anyway. We’re in swamp, so :face_with_monocle: I MUST STATE THIS:
I hope we get to see Swampy at some point. I don’t know where things are headed, obviously, but I’d be very happy (understatement) to see Dr. Holland and Dr. Isley working together. :earth_americas: It makes sense to me. I can’t help it. And if anyone is going get that relationship right the first time out, IMO, it’s G. Willow Wilson.


It’s good, right? :full_moon_with_face: :green_heart: Glad you like!

Here’s this if anyone is interested.


Where’d moon-face go? :wink: But, a bug can dream… even if that’s all a bug can do.

Enjoyed your reactions to issue #13! Honestly, Poison Ivy is one of my favorite monthly books. Very few mainstream comic titles offer the same amount of real-world insight and literary integrity that G. Willow Wilson and Co. have given us here. It sucks we had to wait so long for an Ivy monthly, but it was well worth the wait. If DC does the right thing and makes this an ongoing, you are really going to run out of ways to thank them, Razzz. That said, I’m going to thank you :green_heart: because I would have never picked up this title if not for you, and that would have been a shame.

So, thank you.


Oh-kay, I’ll put it baaack! Mischievous/smug moon face is a fave of mine, after all. :wink: Along with winks.

Same and I concur :face_with_monocle: I’m happy that I’m not alone in knowing how rare this can be. I’m most definitely going to run out of ways to say thank you if it continues, btw —that’s a factual fact!

You are welcome. :pray: Please know how much I have appreciated you and everyone who has been here from the start, and stuck with it. :green_heart: Your thoughtfulness when it comes to reviews on any series is always deeply appreciated, but for one that has mattered so much to me (because I’ve been asking, begging demanding it for years :laughing:) means that much more, especially because it might not have ever been extended once let alone twice.

The power of The Moth (World’s Coolest Detective ™️) should not be underestimated. :woman_judge:t2: Nor should Razzz the Cat. :nail_care: Perhaps all of us discussing the finer points has helped motivate DC a little to extend this even further (as they should), who knows? I hope they’re watching, tbh…they’d be idiots not to…

:pirate_flag: There be gold in here


Look, you guys LIKE money, right???


@TheCosmicMoth :moneybag: I have one thing to say…


Jk, TWO things :00_harlivy: :stuck_out_tongue:


I picked that up today! The covers of Poison Ivy are incredible


While we are waiting for issue 14 to release next month. Here’s some covers.


I hope this shows up on time in my library next week.