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So many fantastical things to look at :star_struck: Thnx for the link @EDT! :green_heart: (Think I’m going to induct you into Team Green—congrats! :clinking_glasses: :stuck_out_tongue:)



Team Green? Does that mean I get to finally live in a swamp?


Technically it’s just my own nerdy thing about having a tendency to like green characters (Swampy, Ivy, yoda, She Hulk, Kermit, etc) when I was a wee lass.

But this does seem quite serene. I wouldn’t say no. :green_heart:


Much beauty is in the swamp, if you only look



For instance! I book marked this the other day and am planning on sending it to a couple people, but I’ll :100: swing by soon.

Thnx for the thread btw! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Seriously, you are too kind


I was happy back when they announced they were extending this book, originally only 6 issues, for another 6. And I was happier when they upgraded it to a full ongoing. Because of that, issues 6 through 12 do have a slightly different feel to them than 1 through 6. Issue 6 had a small tease, something that could probably be resolved in another book. Now that I just finished issue 12, it deliberately left a few things dangling. I’m hoping that is because they knew it was going to be ongoing, otherwise, I felt like it would have been too open-ended. Putting all of that aside, I highly enjoyed the first 12 issues and look forward to seeing how much longer this book will last.


Same. :smiley: Loved seeing Harls’ and Ive reunite and am really wondering how Ive is gonna’ resolve the whole Lamia situation. :thinking:


Finna order the hardcover of this. I want a whole row, so there better be plenty more. :eye:


I have the hardcover of Vol 1 and already pre-ordered Vol 2


Saw this thought i’d share, the writer is from seattle too i didnt know that



That’s awesome, I’ve been wanting to collect more absolutes and omnibuses so i’m going to wait to see what comes out for this later but i do plan to buy it collected one way or anothr


:thinking:Ok this months issue was very interesting and really hammers home. Something is off in the Gotham books, well, giving us a timeline for how long it’s been since Fear State…yet leaves even more questions to be asked.
What comes next Should be interesting both in Knight terrors and what comes after.


Issue #13 was fun, but did more frame-setting than anything else. I liked all of the artists and was glad to see Kelley Jones draw Ivy again, but… I generally don’t like it when multiple artists draw the same story. The change in styles can be a bit jarring. We had some fun cameos from Catwoman and the Batriarchy. I enjoyed how an unfortunate run-in with Croc has turned into a quest to destroy a condo development. That hits close to home as my hometown is going through an irritating “condo face-lift.” The final panel feels like it should be a clue to who the next villain is, but… it doesn’t ring any bells for me. Anyone else have a theory?


If you’re looking for something else of hers to read, I recommend this:


…and now I have to drop a song to go w/ it because I have a very serious music addiction, obviously.:dancer:t2:


@ TheCosmicMoth I never know if what I’m actually critiquing comes across, :laughing: but I agree that the ships we all know and love DO need to go through some trials and tribulations in order to maintain their appeal. :woman_shrugging:t2: I don’t mind things like this. They’re necessary and absolutely do allow creators a bit more freedom.

Plus, if ever there was couple that will always come back to each other, it’s these two. :00_harlivy: The nature of Harley & Ivy’s relationship is one of loyalty and evolution—something that will stand the test of time, so I just think that some writers need to get more creative with the ways they try to keep them apart. I’m sick of the same 1-2 reasons. :yawning_face: I hope they never ever go back to them.

My complaints have long been these:

  1. I can’t stand gimmicky pairings. When it feels forced, it insults my intelligence, and often its at the expense of a female character I happen to love (:neutral_face: looking at you Wonder Woman, Harley and Batgirl) and is often in the name of making a male character look good/more desirable. Its basically the sexual equivalent of a ‘fridging’. Women in Refrigerators - Wikipedia Low-hanging fruit, no way around it.

  2. Queer-baiting and Queer-coding needs to stop, and in many ways it has, but these two are the literal poster-children for coding queer women, and abusing or exploiting specifically bisexual women—something I could let go of if they’d finally admit that :00_wonder_woman_gold: Wonder Woman (a hero!!) is Bisexual; But until that day comes, they continue to reserve this orientation and the poor treatment of those individuals (both blatantly and subtly) largely for women…who are most notably ALL “villains”, getting treated like they are essentially roadkill. And yes, :00_dc_pride_bs: I take that very personally.

Here’s why, for anyone curious:

I know what the crime statistics are—women who are murdered, raped, suffer domestic abuse, human trafficking, etc. I know how brutally :00_dc_pride_bs: “my kind” get treated, while everyone turns a blind eye. It’s not funny, so it sure as hell shouldn’t be normalized and used as a convenient little plot point, just because some writer or executive is too damn lazy to think beyond childish stereotypes. :balance_scale: That’s how bullies are born, so we have to do better…and stop acting like art doesn’t inform who we become as a society, while we’re at it! (:0_wonder_woman: Pulls out her lasso) That’s a LIE—one we tell to alleviate ourselves from responsibility for the world being an ugly dumpster-fire. Art holds up a mirror and turns the tide just as drastically as science, and definitely faster than politics. If it didn’t, we’d still be in the Dark Ages.

Also, please see “Superheroes Don’t Do That” :facepalm_catwoman: for a flat tone-deaf rule that (was probably only meant as a typical fake-controversy marketing scheme, but) is actually entirely bigoted at it’s core. A nice little example of exactly what bs I’m talking about. #ReasonsI’llNeverLetItGo

As for this…

:thinking: Well. This could technically be anyone plant-based, but I’m kinda hoping it’s :eyes: Black Orchid. https://www.cbr.com/black-orchid-forgotten-dc-vertigo/


Dear G Willow Wilson, Marcio Takara & Co,
(I’m repeating myself—I know, I KNOW! But once again) Issues 8-12: :woman_judge:t2: You’re firing on all cylinders still. I had a great time. A+ :100:
Sadly, it’s rare for me to enjoy a comic series quite this much. Feeling seen and heard (in multiple ways to boot!) as well as entertained isn’t something I’m exactly accustomed to in this genre, so all I can think to do is gush at you all and tell everyone to read it (and, of course, :face_with_monocle: enter into a lifelong blood-feud w/ anyone who dare question any of this work!) I want things in my life that make me consider all the ugly parts of the world right along w/ laughter and a fantasy, both whimsical and horrific, and you’re serving it. The artwork and variants for this series have been epic, too. My eyeballs are so spoiled, it’s ridiculous. :muscle: You all are crushing it! :clinking_glasses::rose: I look forward to the next issue.

Ps. Mood music: something jazzy for Ivy, while I go thru each of the above mentioned issues.:dancer:t2:

🌹 Additional thoughts on Dr. Isley (and G. Willow Wilson), pt7

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this outright, but I was already a fan of Ms. Wilson’s before this book launched. I was excited to see what she’d come up with and it’s an even better fit than I thought it would be.

I keep telling myself it’s purely that I am a fan of the character, the writer and the artist, so my opinions show extreme bias :see_no_evil: but maybe it’s because I’m familiar w/ certain philosophies, religions, politics and spirituality that this is speaking to me in a very specific way?

Srsly, Ms. Wilson, thank you for being so contemplative in your approach. This is exactly who I think Ivy is—hell, it’s lot of who I am. Between this and HQAS, no one can tell me I’m projecting anymore! Plus, I’ve waited so long for this, I can say w/ certainty that these are big shoes to fill. :green_heart: #Fact


These were the notes/first impressions that I jotted down… :face_with_peeking_eye: that I’m insanely late on posting.

Issue 8:

-:hear_no_evil::see_no_evil::speak_no_evil: The monsters are what teach us to be good. Excellent.
-I’m loving tiny sassy plant-sidekick-Ivy getting carried around, lol. And the :notes: Little Shop of Horrors reference! Ah, good times.
-Supporting maternity leave is a basic requirement to being a feminist (It should last at least a year too!)
-You dun messed with the wrooong lady. I think Ivy’ll keep her word tho—only nerf you.
-:pirate_flag: :muscle: Thank you, Dr. Isley.
-Awww. You’re not a monster, Ivy. Just misunderstood.

Issue 9:

-:diamonds:Hey there, Harls! Waste NO time getting your woman alone :white_check_mark:
-We need to discuss how fantastic their hair and outfits look thru this whole issue (and Ivy’s perfect little smirk while Harls trips:

(Also: I :heart: this song so much, these two are so adorable—this ones for you, ladies! :clinking_glasses:) The Honeydrippers - Sea Of Love - 1984 - YouTube

-Never lost her powers? So… so, what is the lamia doing? If she doesn’t need it? :eyes: Uh oh.

-I love when writers let Harley be hyper-aware of the world and clever, rather than just “crazy”. Personally, I view her as a problem-solver, so completely themselves and so attuned to human impulse and psychology that she sees everything, and accepts people, situations and outcomes w/ open arms, good or bad, because Harley is a :muscle: CLOSER if I ever saw one! That’s her charm. It’s what makes her :diamonds: Harley-■■■■■■-Quinn.

Issue 10:

-I fully understand this impulse to be on an island away from humans, Ivy.
-Uhm, no. :-1: This is clearly some kind of cult. You need to leave now, Ivy! NOW!
-lol, See?? You already know it!
-:thought_balloon: Wonders if this is a way to low-key call out Gweneth Paltrow…
-Nonono, don’t drink that, mama. Uh oh, Ivy’s trippin’ balls, y’all. :eyes: Was she hallucinating Woodrue, too, or do we have a new plant-person?
-#orgytime. :banehappyhqtas: Hope they remembered to carb load!:drum:
-:rotating_light: This isn’t good. It totally mutated. I smell a zombie-apocalypse. Gather the baseball bats!!


Issue 11, :mag: two things:

I don’t approve or disapprove of this Janet-thing, but I’m sure Harley will understand. That’s what makes their relationship unique (and relatable or aspirational). They truly do accept each other as they are, flaws and all. From the day they met, even when it hurts, there’s something honest and nurturing underneath, which will always drive them back to each other. :woman_judge:t2: They go together like peanut butter & chocolate. This is just a tiny little speed bump.

This series continues to do a fantastic job of pointing to all the ways our world becomes corrupted and toxic. How can we decide who is a hero and who is a villain in a world that is so easily twisted? And even when things seem balanced and virtuous, there will always be victims scattered along the path that lead someone else to success. :green_heart: As crazy as it may sound, mercy is actually Ivy’s greatest virtue, and it’s a trait that evolves (just like the lamia. #science). Well done.

Issue 12
-We get more OG-action-Ivy!
-The artwork in this one is particularly awesome. Great creative choices and really gives everything a lot of dynamic energy. Like :point_down:here

And :point_down:here

-DamnIIIIIT. Some version of that a55hole Woodrue is going to ruin everything, isn’t he. :expressionless: (braces herself for the possibility and hopes Ivy murks him once and for all)
-:test_tube: :petri_dish: Talk nerdy to me, Dr. Isley … :smirk:
-I’m getting The Last of Us vibes. I’m always down for a zombie-apocalypse.

Ps. Welcome home, Ivy! :black_heart::white_heart::heart: I’ll be back w/ Issue 13, but let’s hang in the moment of that last page for a bit.