Pointers! For the DC Community

Community Standards
Be Kind
Stay on Topic

Sister Sites

Includes New Comics Published this week

Is where most of
DC Videos are

Check Post 1 and Latest Posts for where DC Vids are in this Topic
Because Post 1
May not be up to date

For those members
Who enjoyed these videos

There are several new
Titles who are continuing these adventures:

Batman The Adventures Continue

Justice League Unlimited

Superman 78

Batman 89

Pennyworth (Batman’'s Alfred in his 20s)

Community often has
Watch Along (WALs)
In Club and Events

There is an
Official DC Book Club
That has a
New Topic Each Month

Many Book and Animation Clubs
Club and Events

Use Search IN Community
NOT in App
(App has Comic Book
Search only)

I am co leader with
Of the DC History Club


Also see
Helpful Resources
(Below and to the Right of the Major Topics in Community)

Unofficial DC Database

One of many
Unofficial Reading Orders

One of many
Comic Book Reviews

If you have a
Specific Question
On DC Comic Book Lore

Every Tuesday Evening
New Community Manager
Answers questions

Iceberg Lounge
Is where all things
Not DC are discussed

Has official Topics
New Comics This Month

Only the great
Who are very helpful
And kind
Can create Topics there
(You can post to these topics)

Earth 2 Help Center
Has Topics
The Comic Book Library
New Requests

It is NOT
Tech Support
Mods don’t have
Access to Tech Stuff

See First Topic
In Earth 2 Help Center
On how
To get help
From Tech Support

Comic Books come into
Our Library
6 months and one week
After being published

Some comics
Come before or at the
Same Time as Published
Titans United
Harley Quinn Kiss Bang Kill

Some older comics
Not in library

  1. Not Yet Digitized

Only Small Number of DC staff assigned to this

Difficult Process

  1. Some Graphic Novel Material Reserved For

Local Comic Book Stores / Comixology / Book Stores


Killing Joke

Most of Sandman

Other Vertigo (creator licensing issues also a problem)

Black Label

Original Graphic Novels