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Hello DC Community, I wanted to make a post about helping me and the community for “Pointers” for reading comics, collectibles all that fun stuff. I am fairly new to this community and the DC universe in general. So this is a chat to help out people were to start a series of events in a comic or starting collecting collectibles.

So I love the DC lore I am starting reading the whole time line of the series I am starting with New Gods, Then Jack Kirby Fourth World, and then starting the crisis situation. That’s what I am starting so far, I am ready for any pointers. So just give out some help to people to start getting into Go DC Community!


If we are talking about the current DC Universe

After Dark Nights: Death Metal, the DC Universe goes into a possible future, with the “Future State”, then to the Infinite Frontier.

The Dark Night Death Metal series
Rebooted the DC Universe

So that everything in the more than 80 year old history of the DC Universe actually happened.

Before the heroes and villains didn’t remember everything.

But that series would be very confusing to a new reader

The Dark Night Death Metal 7
pages 26 to 36

Infinite Frontier 0

Might be enough

Here are the major
Starting points since that series ended

Justice League 2018 59
Wonder Woman 2016 770
The Flash 2016 768
Green Lantern 2021 1
Action Comics 2016 1029
Batman 2016 ( Tynion starts at 86 (101 is partial reboot with Bruce No Longer a billionaire))
Detective 2016 1035
Batman Urban Legends 2021 1
Joker 2021 1
Catwoman 2018 25
Swamp Thing 2021 1
Harley Quinn 2021 1
Nightwing 2016 78
Suicide Squad 2021 1
Teen Titans Academy 2021 1
Wonder Girl 2021 1
Superman Son of Kal el 1
Batgirls 1

If you want to understand the entire Comic Book Library here

Secret Origins the Story of DC Comics

In that hour and a half you will get a good overview of most of our comic book library. It was filmed in 2009 so of course can’t talk about newer than that

This is my complete list for New DC Readers. It is intended to introduce most of the major characters of the universe at a basic level. It is by year

This is my
Batman for new readers

if you want to learn significant events in super hero genre history. Most significant issues are mentioned here. It is by year

if you want to learn how Superman Batman.and Wonder Woman were created

Not every DC Comic Book
Is in the Library

  1. Not Digitized Yet

  2. Reserved for
    Local Comic Book Stores


Killing Joke
Most of Sandman
Most of Vertigo (Creator Ownership Licensing Issues)
Most of Black Label

Comic Books
Come to the Library
6 months plus a week
After being published

But DCUI Subscribers
Several Titles
Before or at the same time
As being published

Titans United
Harley Quinn Kiss Bang Kill


Here is what I wish I was told and did from the start

  1. Ignore all the lists of must reads and greatest X stories ever. It resulted in me reading a bunch of bad comcis that were purely shock value. Just find a character and writer you like and read their stuff until it naturally leads you to enjoying some other works you find.

  2. If a series is not your cup of tea then ditch it and try something else. Do not pour days or weeks into it hoping it will stop being bad.

  3. If you really like a non A lister then check his/her appearences list on DC Database. That can really help you to find more stuff with them, especially crossovers like when I found the Stargirl/Impulse crossover.

  4. Do not just check the creator list for the writer, but also the penciler (will become much more important when you are loving writers who unlike Kirby are not also a master artist).


DC Universe Infinite App
Community (Browser)
Two Separate Entities

Each has its own Search.

In Community
In a Post
With Links to
Comic Book Library

Choose Browser
Not App
To Link to Comic Books

When you
Go Back
To Community

You won’t be back in
The Post
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The DCUI App doesn’t know

About Community

It just links to it

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Community Standards
Be Kind
Stay on Topic

Sister Sites

Includes New Comics Published this week

Is where most of
DC Videos are

Check Post 1 and Latest Posts for where DC Vids are in this Topic
Because Post 1
May not be up to date

For those members
Who enjoyed these videos

There are several new
Titles who are continuing these adventures:

Batman The Adventures Continue

Justice League Unlimited

Superman 78

Batman 89

Pennyworth (Batman’'s Alfred in his 20s)

Community often has
Watch Along (WALs)
In Club and Events

There is an
Official DC Book Club
That has a
New Topic Each Month

Many Book and Animation Clubs
Club and Events

Use Search IN Community
NOT in App
(App has Comic Book
Search only)

I am co leader with
Of the DC History Club


Also see
Helpful Resources
(Below and to the Right of the Major Topics in Community)

Unofficial DC Database

One of many
Unofficial Reading Orders

One of many
Comic Book Reviews

If you have a
Specific Question
On DC Comic Book Lore

Every Tuesday Evening
New Community Manager
Answers questions

Iceberg Lounge
Is where all things
Not DC are discussed

Has official Topics
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Only the great
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Earth 2 Help Center
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The Comic Book Library
New Requests

It is NOT
Tech Support
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Access to Tech Stuff

See First Topic
In Earth 2 Help Center
On how
To get help
From Tech Support

Comic Books come into
Our Library
6 months and one week
After being published

Some comics
Come before or at the
Same Time as Published
Titans United
Harley Quinn Kiss Bang Kill

Some older comics
Not in library

  1. Not Yet Digitized

Only Small Number of DC staff assigned to this

Difficult Process

  1. Some Graphic Novel Material Reserved For

Local Comic Book Stores / Comixology / Book Stores


Killing Joke

Most of Sandman

Other Vertigo (creator licensing issues also a problem)

Black Label

Original Graphic Novels


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