POC Batman Heading Our Way in 2021

Who could forget Orpheus?! He was such an important player in War Games :joy::joy:

With a writer of his pedigree, it’s at least worth keeping an eye on.

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I agree with you completely. Although I have no issues with a person of color being Batman, I feel that there are people far more interesting people to go with than Luke Fox.

That said, I’d still love to see more stories with Luke Fox. Personally, I feel like part of the problem is that, with all due respect to the writers, he’s just written very poorly. Although I’m still definitely going to read this book, I’d rather see Luke develop more as his own character than have him fill in for someone else.

If Jefferson did take over, would his name be Bat Lightning or Black man?

as most people are saying, im hoping it’s luke so he can get more popular with the mainstream audience.

In conclusion, no one is bothered by this news.

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maybe we bring Orpheus back and he can be the new batman

You know it’s funny how people who aren’t bothered read comics, while the people who are don’t read comics.


Yeah, but I feel that they should build up Orpheus as his own charactor and keep Bruce Wayne as Batman.