Please upload the milestone/dc media comics

Hi. Sarah here.
I have been tweeting at dc, the creator of the comic.
I really want to read icon and static shock through all of their glory.
So please upload the milestone/DC media comics gallery.
I would really appreciate it.


I know there were some legal problems between DC and Darwyn Cooks widow. The latest report I saw was that the problem had been resolved and they may be available after June. Can’t remember where I saw that and it was only an article on one of the fan websites so don’t hold me to it.


But that has nothing to do with him. I’m talking about another DC branch of character creators😕 which is Milestone Media. Please Google milestone media first.

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YES!! Milestone was amazing and I dont know why DC doesnt have these characters front and center. With all the talk of diversity and different voices being heard, how is a Static Shock or Icon film not in production? Milestone Comics was truly a Milestone moment for progress. It irritates me that Black Panther and Luke Cage get so much recognition when they were created by jewish men and were unintentionally full of negative stereotypes, yet Static, Icon, Hardware, Blood Syndicate were all created by black writers and artist in predominately black comic book company. It was all very revolutionary and DC should be proud of the imprint.


Just read the post about the legal issues, let’s hope its resolved. Milestone deserves to be recognized by the masses.


Cosigned! But I can’t remember if someone else here said it, or I thought it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they withhold the Dakotaverse for a little while, then release it in a publicized event. That’d be cool.

Maybe DC (not DCU as I’m certain they don’t have a hand in the digitization process itself) will prioritize digital availability of Milestone content when the Earth-M line finally gets off the ground.

In the meanwhile, the New 52 Static Shock series is here in full. That’s something at least.


If there is a legal issue about it that I don’t know. I hope it gets resolved soon so that they can share it here.

@Sassoue, we’re gearing up to release the entire digitized DC library. At this time there are some agreements with various other imprints like Milestone, Vertigo, Wildstorm, etc. that will not be represented in that collection, but we love hearing this kind of passion and response. I’ll make sure and pass this feedback along to the higher-ups. :heart:


Curious why imprints like Vertigo are not included. They’re owned by DC, are they not? What about Young Animal and other DC offshoots? Would love for this to be the home of everything DC eventually.

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My guess for the lack of Vertigo and other brands is because the comic focus here is on the core DC Universe imprint with all of the renowned characters and franchises that are synonymous with the overall DC Universe branding.

Since this service is called DC Universe that’s a sensible synergistic aporoach.

But Watchmen is canon with the main DC Universe now, for example. Also, the Sandman universe is just plain awesome. Definitely all of it should be on here. Probably just a matter of time. For instance, I would love to see the kid-friendly comics here but it’s been said they’re waiting to work out parental controls so the little ones don’t accidentally see something too grisly.

Vertigo is wonderful (I’m a huge Transmetropolitan fan, among other titles, myself) but I understand why those books aren’t here and likely won’t be unless the direction of the service was to change in some fashion.

I don’t see Watchmen as a Vertigo book since it’s never been released under that label, but rather the conventional DC branding. It may be that reason alone why it palled around in the auspices of traditional DC content in the decades prior to Before Watchmen and Doomsday Clock and continues to do so to this day. The other more obvious reason is that Watchmen was originally published under the DC label simply because it was a time where DC had no other imprints and Vertigo was years away from existence.

Generally speaking, branding, licensing and so on can be funny animals and odd as it may sound it is a verifiable fact that sometimes the difference between being included or excluded from something really can boil down to the logo on the item(s) in question.

Back to the topic at hand, I’d love to see the classic Milestone library get the digital treatment. I’ve only read a small handful of classic Milestone titles and I would be happy as a cat in a tuna factory to dive into more of their stories/characters.


YES!!! @Applejack I don’t know if things were working behind the scene before i brought up my main question above, but Thank you for the whole thing that is unfolding at dc comics about the whole milestone media collection that will be available and is available.

One more question, on twitter there was talk about a compendium that will be available in october 2021, and i wanted to know where to get it, if it will be available to buy in the dc shop here or somewhere else? thanks so much.