please tell me rob Pattinson isn't the new batman

:rofl::joy:. Oh wait I get it…

I didn’t read the whole thing through lmao

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You sound tired. Get some rest and try again.


@matt you haven’t seen the quality of acting Robert Pattinson has displayed over the years and reference a franchise that ended 7 years ago. Twilight started in 2008 and he hates that franchise more than anyone. Everyone hated Michael Keaton at first too and he ended up as one of the best.

ps. 11pm isn’t an excuse to act like a psycho, that’s only late for 12-year-olds, not adults.


They didn’t choose him for twilight lol. He’ll be fine


Just looking to give him the benefit of the doubt. Another potential conclusion for his behavior is that he grew up in a place where that kind of language is “necessary”.


@abfgmsw thumbs up on keeping it classy.

So a month or 2 ago when I first heard that he might be cast as batman is was intrigued to be honest. I think he can pull of the suave business man look that is needed for Bruce Wayne and he has a dark tone too that could work for batman. Yes he will need to put on some weight but that will def happen if he is going to play batman so not to worried about that.

Now for everyone hating on him for some movies he did a decade ago come on really? He was a super young actor just looking for a gig cut him some slack. it is also funny how the ppl hating on him for them must have seen them to be hating. I saw the first 2 and with a girlfriend at the time and yeah they were silly but it also seemed that they where meant for young girls so big whoop.

He was in a movie called Water for Elephants or something along those lines and I remember thinking “oh this kid can act”. Also I have heard that for the last ten years he has been doing indie films and has gotten good praise for them so lets just give the guy a chance.


Yeah he didn’t write/direct/edit Twilight. He just got a huge acting gig real early in his career. Kind of feel for kids that get a typecasting stigmata like that so young. But as others have mentioned, Twilight is increasingly in the past every day, and Pattinson has been doing more interesting work. He was even in a Cronenberg movie, Cosmopolis, where he plays a troubled billionaire. Was going to watch that again before making a decision myself. And as people will mention, there have been no shortage of wft!? castings that have not only been fine, but excellent. Ledger, Keaton, etc.

Also, you don’t have to like every iteration. Pattinson will be the ninth (!) actor to portray Batman live-action (tenth is you count the kid on Gotham…) So no matter what happens, he isn’t the first Batman, and he won’t be the last. Feel free to check out. I have during the Snyder movies. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. And certainly don’t give them your money. But I don’t want to start a flame war over it, I’ll just watch Young Justice instead. There’s so many comic movies and shows I haven’t been able to keep up lately anyways, so what does disliking one of them really matter? Just read the comics!


This dude better start doing lots of steroids, he makes Michael Keaton look like a beast

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