please tell me rob Pattinson isn't the new batman

Is robert Pattinson really the new batman ? Please tell me it’s not true.


Maybe he’s going to play vampire Batman


Trust me guys he will be great. Don’t judge him on Twilight, he has done amazing performances in other films. He also absolutely hates the Twilight movies.


Maybe he’ll get all buff like Chris Pratt did before Guardians of the Galaxy


Oh look, here come the thread movers

Or like how Christian Bale got buff for Vice lol


Ask again after this picture:

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DONE! :slight_smile:

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I’ll be sure to check out Netflix The King when it comes out and let’s see what his acting chops are these days

Apparently nothing has been officially signed yet everybody stop panicing …

well I mean feel free to panic …I mean it’s America , right??.

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Would it really be so bad if he were Batman. Bats is closer to a vampire than he is to Mr. Mom, and yet…

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I just hope this means Batman won’t be more muscular than Superman.

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He just doesn’t really look like a Bruce Wayne to me. I would need to see him dressed in the role to be for it. Nickolas Holt looks more like Bruce and is still in the running as far as I’ve seen

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I had the same reaction since the only movies I have seen him in were the Twilight movies. I’m hoping for the best.

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Tbh I had bad reactions and I wanted Armie Hammer watch some of Robs movies and damn he’s a good actor Good Times is a good movie

I wasn’t immediately thrilled but, the more I think about it, I’m kind of interested.

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Hey people were just as upset with Michael Keaton Ben Affleck and heath ledger so with that in mind here hoping he blows it out if the water

Out of who they were considering, he was probably the best option. He’s a great actor. Just glad they didn’t go with Nicholas Hoult.


We really missed out not casting Benedict Cumberbatch.

Commissioner Gordon: Who is it, Batman? The Riddler? Catwoman?
Chief O’Hara: Two Face? The Joker?
Batman: No.
Commissioner Gordon: Then who?
Batman: …The Pingwing.
Commissioner Gordon: Who?
Batman: The Penling.
Chief O’Hara: What’re ye tryin’ta say, Caped Crusader?
Batman: The Pangwang.

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