Please make a 3rd season of Justice League Unlimited

Now that you have brought back Young Justice after all these years it showed fans that it’s possible to make a new season of a series that fans really loved and want to see more of. The last episode of JLU ends with Lex Luthor acquiring all of the knowledge of the universe from the source wall and gifting Darkseid with the Anti-Life equation seemingly in exchange for Earth. To me that seems like something that will definitely effect the whole universe so it doesn’t really feel like a conclusion. This could also be a great way to bring back some other beloved characters from that animated universe like Terry McGinnis from Batman Beyond and Virgil Hawkins from Static Shock.


100% yes to this. Justice league and its continuation unlimited had much better writing than young justice and was a lot more focused.

As much as I would live to see this, Bruce Timm and Co. stopped because they didn’t have any more stories to tell in that universe. Young Justice, on the other hand, wasn’t finished. The creative team had more planned. If there are stories to be told in that universe, then let them be told (like with Batman & Harley Quinn and Justice League vs the Fatal Five). Otherwise, I think it’s best to use those funds elsewhere, possibly for something new or something that was canceled, like Teen Titans.

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What Tornado said. ^

(Except instead of ‘Teen Titans’, insert 'GL: TAS in there for my response)

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@Super-Squirrel, agreed. GL:TAS would be a better choice. Or Beware the Batman. Or Leguon of Superheroes. I’m not picky.

Another vote for more GL:TAS & finishing Razer’s story.