Please Help. I'm Confused.

As a long standing DC fan I’m ashamed to admit this… but I have no clue how to read the weekly comics. I have tried in the past then I get confused or buy the wrong issues, so for years I have only been buying the graphic novel books (full story arcs in one book)

My question how do you follow the correct order of DC comics for example I bought issue one of batman rebirth when it first came out but I was like, who is this guy? What is going on? Then I buy the next batman rebirth and it’s got these other guys in it and I’m sitting here going this has nothing to do with the last issue.

If you guys wanna play it out that would be great, I’ll watch a video on how to read them and know what comes in what order, anything.


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Rebirth was a little confusing. The titles had two #1s. There’s a Batman Rebirth #1 which was an introduction to the new series and then Batman #1 which began the series under the Rebirth line.

Batman Rebirth #1 has the word “Rebirth” under the Batman title while the other has “DC Universe Rebirth” above it.

The proper order is:
Batman Rebirth #1
DC Universe Rebirth Batman #1 (then 2,3, etc)


If you set up a pull list at your local comic shop that should help a fair bit with making sure you purchase the correct issues. You just go in every month and buy what they hand you. I had the same problem when I first started reading comics, and setting up a pull list was very helpful for me personally. You could also talk to the employees and ask if you have any questions. There may have been a tie in issue in a different series that you didn’t know about, etc., and asking about that kind of stuff can help you fill in any other gaps.
As for Rebirth specifically, again, I had the same problem. As @PeteyParker stated, there were two #1s, so that was wild LOL

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Okay so I ordered the missing rebirth comics and read in the order provided and OMG I get it now. I was super lost. Also thank God I read enough of classic issues and watch every show and movie DC makes because rebirth hails in content from 52 ect. Rather than being “a fresh start”

The pull list is a great idea and me being a ohosical media if I pay for it guy I will try to find a comic book shop reasonable distance to me and try that out.

Thanks guys!

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