Please direct your technical questions to the correct place These forums have become almost unusable due to a large number of posts asking for help. Whether it’s people wanting information about app support, problems with the app, or just general questions that should be answered by the DC Universe support staff, you should direct those questions to the link above. They have a technical support team, please use it for your subscription questions and let the forums be about discussions regarding our love(or hate) for all things (except technical support) comics and DC!


And just to add, for people unaware how the IT world works with stuff like this. Posting on these forums, while maybe getting some answers does not fix the issue. Typically “tickets” have to be made to address an issue. If enough tickets are made for a similar issue, they are able to send it up to the proper support channels. So the more people that use the proper channels to report the issue the more reliable the record is for the DC Universe staff to address the issues!


The problem is that you are the one telling us how to contact DC. There is absolutely nothing on this site the tells us who to contact, where to send complaints, how to get refunds, etc. Instead I have to find out information from a customer and that’s really sad.


To be fair, all I did was Google “DC Universe support”. Another tidbit from the IT world, 9 times out of 10 the person helping you is just better at Google than you are :slight_smile:

The forums could use some moderation, for sure, to clean up duplicate topics. But, to be fair, the description of this section says “Service Feedback” - hence, the questions. It SEEMED like they were calling this place out as the place to post… well, feedback on the service.


A fair point as well. I suppose I think of “feedback” as topics like the “Favorite part of DC Universe” and “What would you like to see” (albeit even those topics seem like they get started anew about every 2 hours). Or things like, “Hey, I’d like to be able to see my posts in an easy to search way so I don’t have to try and remember where I posted”. But when you have an app that’s not working as intended, such as download errors or connectivity issues. I don’t view that as feedback so much as “I need help”. Feedback to me doesn’t require a response and is simply info used to improve what exists, where as technical support requires somebody to address a specific issue.

That’s probably how I’d interpret it too, but I can also understand the confusion. I think the segmentation is either confusing people, people are ignoring the descriptions, or they’re just following the lead of what other people are posting. For instance, The Watchtower is supposed to be for the latest news (and, presumably, discussion of the latest news) but it’s also being used as a place for people to ask questions about the service. lol. I don’t know if DC is going to hire (or has hired) some editors/moderators for the community section but it would be nice. I like the idea of DC fans being able to chat with each other but it’s a bit hard to really wrap your head around and navigate as it is.

For sure! I noticed that too about the Watchtower. They might as well add a “Technical Support” section as that might at least alleviate some of the traffic to other areas.


I’ve never appreciated board moderators until this service launched. Seriously.

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Bro, you aren’t kidding. There is SO much pruning I want to do!