please dc universe keep all the episodes of dc daily

My name is ultra dc fan, and i would like to petition the missing episodes, or at least for purchase in itunes


The episodes for DC Daily will no longer be uploaded to YouTube, but we’ll be releasing them here, so you’ll be able to access them through the service, @arielluisfernandez.76671.

For future reference, though, please refrain from creating petitions on the forums, as that’s a violation of Rule #9 of the Forum Guidelines:


Before we were missing some of the early episode.

Now most of DC episodes are gone. Only the June May and one other date remain

What gives?

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I’m glad DCU is stopping the support of DC Daily on YouTube. I feel like since the forums are already public and free to anyone, as a paying customer I think they should keep as much as they can exclusive to subscribers imo.


Applejack says non subscribers can watch DC Daily.

She said that in response to showing the recent GLBT Pride show.

I’m pretty sure that they only stay up on the site for a certain time because contracts of the hosts only allow them to be up for a few months. That is with the exception of select episodes on hollidays and such. This might be totally wrong, but I’m pretty sure that’s what I heard from one of the mods on a different thread of the same topic.

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The Hallowen episode is gone with the rest.

Now three months of episodes plus a few earlier shows like

1st show
New Frontier

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Does anyone know for sure why DC Daily episodes are removed? I only noticed these recently when looking for some favorites . Is there an official announcement anywhere ?

From my Thrrad in Support

DC Daily on Movies
and TV
1w ago

2d ago
Hi @TurokSonofStone! The
reason that those earlier
episodes are no longer
on the service is because
they contained clips of
licensesdmaterial, of which
the licensedsare only for 3
months, so when that expires
we must remove them. Hope
that helps explain it!:

What i get now is
Everything from O4 01 to
Last Friday
With scatered eptsodes with
earlier dates including

Episode 1
New Frontier

1d ago
Perfect! That is what should
be available to you - the past
3months, as well as any
episodes that didn’t include
licensed clips! Yippee!

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I wish they could reedit the episodes to take out the licensed parts that way they’re somewhat watchable.

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