Plastic Man movie

DC and Warner Bros announced it… I’ve never read the comics, so I can’t comment too much… But to anyone who has, what are yur thoughts!!!


Hey, Bob Shaye is the EP! He produced the Nighmare on Elm Street films! It’s only in the script writing phase, but heres hoping it comes to fruition.

Who would you guys cast?

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Meh. Never thought about a live action film for him unless a small role in a JL Unlimited inspired movie to showcase the DC universe as much as possible

It’s no stretch to say that a Plastic Man movie could be very fun. I’m game for any character getting a movie.


tbh ive never heard of plastic man at all i think they should have done a tv show for him and keep it on the dc app same goes for the spirit never heard of him until i saw the movie and thought it was decent but kinda was funny

^^there was a cartoon in 1979.

This makes my morning.

I’m very curious and intrigued about this announcement. Plastic Man is not the easiest character to portray in live action. He is ALWAYS changing his shape in the books. I can only imagine the budget for this.
That being said, I hope they do it it right. Hopefully there are other DC heroes in the movie. O’Brien does best when going back and forth with one or more JLAers.

They could adapt the recently wrapped Plastic Man mini-series from this year. Maybe have Gail Simone onboard as a consultant too.

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@Zombedy, Shaye was also instrumental in the LOTR Trilogy. Hopefully his involvement here is a good sign.

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Cool, I never realised that! I should have, New Line Cinema and all.

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This is pretty cool news along with the Blue Beetle news. I just wish they’d give us more of Ray Fisher’s Cyborg because he was a highlight in Justice League.


It could be DC’s answer to Deadpool. It should be a comedy, but it could be dark.

There’s pros and cons with that.

Pro: they want the movie to be a crowd pleasing success

Con: they get so wrapped up in emulating a Deadpool-esque movie that they forget the things that make Plastic Man fun in the first place.

I’m fine with Plastic Man being a quippy wiseass, fighting an obscure villain. Less so, the fourth wall breaking and so on.

I’d love to see Kite Man. Woozy Winks, Baby Plas. I just hope they do it justice. I woke up to watch Plastic Man comedy hour as a kid. I hope they keep it comical, but not over the top. Plastic Man actually has a pretty dark background, Joker’esque even. Accident while he was low man on totem poll, but he embraced it as a positive. Joker, well u know that story.