Plastic Man: Another Character With Very Little Recognition

Plastic Man’s history with DC seems a bit similar with SHAZAM’s. He was not an original character. He was either considered a hero or a villain. He was a character of Earth-9. He started in Police Comics #1. Ironically, he is immortal as well.

When was Shazam considered a villain?

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Never thought he was, he appears to be a minor hero just like Plastic Man is . I will say this, I believe the minor heroes are a bit more important than the major heroes as they create and control a good part of the back story.

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Sorry, @Sean-Malloy-I meant Plastic Man was a hero or villain

I meant SHAZAM is a character with very little recognition as well. But Plastic Man, unlike SHAZAM, is considered a hero or villain

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The fact that he started as an independent comic as well as his immortality. Yes, SHAZAM, from one standpoint, may be mortal but he also has connection with the GODS. Plastic Man’s immortality stems from the fact that he never seems to age because of the “plastic factor”. Now you are making me think weird here- plastic and gods being immortal- weird way to classify immortality.


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