Place Yer Bets: Young Justice Season 4's Subtitle

Well, it looks like Young Justice Season 4 is going to be at least a year away, and probably longer.

So that gives us TONS of time for everybody’s favorite gameshow: SPECULATION TIME!

Given the events of the finale (or other episodes), what will the subtitle of Season Four be? Young Justice: Legacy would be perfect for any season, but they already used that for the in-canon video game.

So here are a few off the top of my head:

Young Justice: Legion (maybe too obvious, what with the cliffhanger and all)
Young Justice: Titans (probably more of a wish on my part)
Young Justice: Evolution (concentrating on the moral quandary of genetic manipulation seen with Bumblebee)
Young Justice: Unlimited (because that cast is hugenormous)

Where do you think we’re headed?

Chunky Monkey

Okay real answer Legion

Legion seems likely… and could double as a reference to a Legion of Doom.


Young Justice: War because of the war between Earth and Apokilypse

I think it will either be titans or Legion. But it will most likely be young justice legion with the tease and all with the ring.


Who had the ring on?

Young Justice: Legion

I think it will be legion too.

Young Justice: Future Echoes

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