Pitch to DC Universe

Where do we pitch our ideas to DC? I have a great idea!

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Go to DCUnscripted.com

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Hey, I not in the US, so that disqualifies me from participating. Could you pitch my idea for me?

It’s a show where DC FanFic writers get to talk about their fan stories, their inspirations for the stories & how they came up with their original ideas. At the end of interview, there’s an animated short of the FanFic

Apparently you can’t pitch the idea unless you work for Ideas United, a studio that works for DCU. Kinda defeats the purpose of the contest if you have to be in the profession

No, you don’t have to be employed by Ideas United, just a member of their network. If you look where it says “Submit,” it indicates you’re joining that network at the same time. There’s even more info under the link if you read around.

How do I become a member? I fill in the boxes for everything else to submit my idea at the top and at the end there’s the boxes “Link to Reel or Website [Enter “MEMBER” if in network]” and “Primary Roles/Skills (Up to 3 - i.e. Director, Writer, Editor) [Enter MEMBER if in network]” Do I just fill in member? or am I supposed to fill out some other application before I submit my DCunscripted?

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I haven’t submitted an idea myself and it’s been awhile since I looked around their website, but the link above will you take you to thread where you can ask someone who knows for sure.

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